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Roses for our Anniversary..

Today is my wedding anniversary! 😀

Blueberry bought me a trio of roses for our special day.


We usually celebrate with red roses.. but this year I wanted something different, so Blueberry bought these delicate white roses.


These gorgeous roses smelled heavenly.. I’m so happy with this gift. 🙂

My wedding anniversary is two days after Doggie’s death anniversary. When Doggie passed last year, I remembered being a total wreck for days.

I wasn’t in the mood for celebration, but Blueberry pampered me with flowers and a nice meal. It helped to leave the house, after staying in bed for an entire day. Thank you, Blueberry. 🙂

Blueberry started a blog on cooking recently.. I’m glad he taken a step to share recipes of the delicious food he has been feeding me. Spoiler alert: Reading his blog will make you hungry.. not advisable for late night web surfing. 😛 *winks*


Life isn’t perfect, but being with Blueberry makes it wonderful.


1, 2, 3.. How much do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

To my Blueberry: 6 years of laughter, delicious food and silly puns.. I love the time we spent together. Thank you for providing for the family and for taking care of me.
Here’s to another year of experiences, surprises and home cooking adventures. I love you lots! ❤

Fluffy and Puffy

Blissfully blessed to be together. Us doing our pre-wedding photoshoot. I was wearing a Vera Wang wedding gown there. :)

Blissfully blessed to be together.
Us doing our pre-wedding photo-shoot.
I was wearing a Vera Wang wedding gown there. 🙂

Blueberry and I had our chinese ceremonial wedding last year.

Although we did our civil wedding more than 4 years ago.. we still had to go through a chinese ceremonial wedding which includes a banquet for family and friends.

It was something Blueberry and I were dreading to do.. because not only did it cost significantly more than our civil wedding, it was much more tiring too.

After much hesitation, we decided to do it for our parents.. to honor them for bringing us up.

I was one of the lucky brides who had 2 wedding dresses.

One was from a renown local bridal boutique.. and the other one was from Vera Wang.

(It is indeed a dream come true!)

I loved both my dresses so dearly, that I decided to call one Fluffy… and the other Puffy. 😀

Fluffy and Puffy

Puffy and Fluffy

It sounded silly.. but made me happy.

.. or perhaps I’ve a thing for silly things. Hee.

Blueberry didn’t liked the idea of naming an inanimate object.. He felt it was strange to name my dresses.

Not to frighten my husband with my wedding dress (or dresses, should I say…) obsession, I decided to drop the names Fluffy and Puffy.. and revert back to referring them by their brands.