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Sing like You’re Winning

I like to sing when I’m at home.

It helps to lift up my spirits and put me in a cheery mood.

I’m not perfect at hitting the right notes every time.. and this made me rather conscious of myself.

Only in the comfort of my home, I would let loose and sing to my hearts contend.

It didn’t matter what gene or era the song belonged to.. as long as it felt right for the moment, it would be the anthem of the moment.

My concert.

As long as you don’t judge, it would be free for your entertainment. 🙂

Oh wait.. there is something I forgot to mention too.

.. I can’t remember the lyrics to the songs… Ops.

To substitute the forgotten lyrics, I would sing whatever that comes to mind.


Singing is for enjoyment… As long as I’m having fun, who cares? 😀

By the end of every concert, if my sisters were in.. I would do a bow and say,”Thank you! Thank you very much!

My sisters would laugh or roll their eyes at my silliness.

It took me several years, before I became comfortable to sing in-front of Blueberry.

One of the first few song I sang in-front of him was Copacabana.

It wasn’t too far when the wrong lyrics came out.

“Her name was Lola, she was a call-girl…”

Blueberry was shocked and he burst out laughing.

My face and my neck felt hot.. I wanted to hide in a hole. Sigh!

It took my few weeks before I felt brave enough to sing in-front of him again.

This time I got I Won’t Give Up wrong.

“I won’t give up on us.. Even If the skies breakdown and die..”

My face and neck felt hot again.