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Where my feet brought me..

Today, I brought my helper to the dentist.

Although I wasn’t the one seeing the dentist, I felt a tinch of nervousness. The stress was probably related to some traumatic experiences at the dentist.

In the clinic, the dentist informed me my helper needed to undergo extraction. I started to feel queasy, as he was going through the details. The friendly nurse offered me a seat, but I politely declined and asked to be excused during the procedure.

“We’ll be done in fifteen minutes,” the dentist said. I nodded and left.

Once I passed the clinic doors, I darted.. my legs did not feel the same. It must be the nervous energy.


I walked and walked, until the queasiness subsided.

I found myself standing next to the Bukit Timah Gates of Singapore Botanical Gardens.

While I was in a daze, my feet brought me here.

While I was in a daze, my feet brought me here.

The gate had intricate grid patterns.. From afar, the design looked simple and it failed to impress. I had high expectations and hoped this design would be a winner. Well, apparently not.

The side gates were opened for visitors to enter. 

The side gates were opened for visitors to enter.

I glanced at my clock.. It was time for me to head back to the clinic.

I started feeling queasy again.

Just a Perfect Day

I rummaged through the old photos for a perfect piece of memory.

Ahh… There it was.. taken in Nov 2011..

.. On that day, Blueberry and I went for a walk at Singapore Botanical Gardens..

It was a sunny day for a walk.. absolutely perfect for photo taking…











I’ve a special love for the Botanical Gardens… and I’m glad I can share this with Blueberry..

After our walk, we went for ice-cream… Ahh, what a nice way to end the day. 🙂


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