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Homecook dinner..

Shh… I’ve a secret to share.. I got a new job. 🙂

It’s my second week into the job.. and there is so much to learn!

New systems.. new cultures.. new faces..

Pretty overwhelming at first, but it’s starting to get better.

Everyday after work, I would look forward to dinner with the family.

190416 dinnertime

What’s for dinner? Fried Tua Kwa (extra firm bean curd) in bean sauce. Yummy!

Dinnertime is a time where I can relax and spend time with my loved ones..

.. conversations over delicious dishes and rice.

It is simple, yet satisfying.

New Year Couplets..

Chinese New Year is next month.

There are lots of things to do to prepare for the festivities.

Spring cleaning, decorating, shopping(for new year tibits, clothes, bed sheets, plants), going to the bank to exchange new notes(for ang bows), buy gifts for relatives(my parents) and queue for bak kwa

(I scratched the last item, cos I doubt I’m able to brave the crowds with my flu.)

The family is doing a good job with spring cleaning. A little tad early, but early is good.. I think we’re 60% upon completion. Huarry!

Cleaning is laborious, but rewarding.

During the process, we found some coins trapped in nooks and crannies..

.. I use them to buy a New Year couplet. 🙂

180116 newyearwishes03

“出入平安” means “may your going in and coming out (of the home) be in peace”.. and also “Safe travels”.

Pasted on the main door.. gold characters/alphabets against the red fabric.. how festive it looked.

It’s starting to feel like Chinese New Year. 🙂

Light as air..

It’s Saturday morning.

I peeked out of the bedroom window and saw clear blue skies.

090116 clouds02

A beautiful day; bright and windy. The clouds drifted in the heavens, as the winds blew..

090116 clouds01

Like gigantic pieces of cotton candy, floating effortlessly in the air..  What a dreamy sight!

I wish I could take a bite out of this “cotton candy”..

What would it taste like? 😀

Home is..

Lint rolling time

Home is..

.. where my lovely cat also stays.

A place where I can unwind in my “not-so-glamorous” sweats, without feeling undressed.

May it be in the comfort of my warm bed, in the middle of a hot shower, or on the leather couch in the living room..

Home is one of the best places on earth!

5 things that make a home- my cat, sweats, a comfortable bed, hot shower and a nice couch/sofa.:)

A home for the Berries..

Blueberry, Papa-blueberry and me..

Blueberry, Papa-blueberry and me..

We collected the keys to our new place several months ago.

There is still alot of stuff to be done for this place. 😦

Electrical works, plumbing, painting, carpentry.. 

I’m annoyed with the amount of things that needs to be done. If only I’m a contractor with all the skills I need.. Grr!

Once everything is completed, we will need to decorate the place.

Interior decorating skills would be helpful on the long run.. when the decor needs a fresh update, I can do it myself instead of engaging a decorator.

It’s fun decorating the house, especially when it’s your own home. 🙂

If I’ve those money-making skills (kaching kaching), I don’t mind extending my services .. err, I mean lend a helping hand to friends who want to spruce up their place. Heh. 🙂

Light reading..

There are times I want to curl up in bed, till the next day finds me.

Enjoying a cup of roasted green tea, while reading a magazine.

Enjoying a cup of roasted green tea, while reading a magazine.

You are not yourself when you're hungry.. snickers bar to chew on.

You are not yourself when you’re hungry.. snickers bar to chew on.

The lighting in this room is great for reading and photography.

I shall enjoy it while it lasts.