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Grow old with you..

I was staying with my parents, when I adopted Kitty.

Back then, the rescuers were trying to get Kitty adopted, and I felt the pressure to give him a home.. I wanted to tell my parents I was bringing him home, but I didn’t.. My parent would violently object, if they knew what was coming.

Once my parents found out my secret, they got mad.. My mother went mental(imagine the Incredible Hulk). There were alot of screaming and tension.. They demanded I return Kitty back to the rescuers, but I insisted on keeping him.

My parents are superstitious, and they believe in some health myths too. Here’s some of the reasons why they are against keeping cats as pets.

  1. Cats are dirty, they don’t bathe… I guess it’s true for village cats, but not urban cats.
  2. The fur of cats can cause asthma– they believe asthma happens, when the fur is inhaled.
  3. It’s a BLACK cat! Black is such an unlucky color!
  4. Friday the 13th– my father said when Jesus was crucified, a black cat crossed His path while He was on the way to Calvary.. Hence, it’s cursed to have a black cat cross your path on Friday the 13th. Not sure where my father heard that, I’m quite surprised he actually believe in that story! 😮

One Friday the 13th, my father avoided Kitty. Most of the day, he would stay in his room.. If he needed to go to the kitchen, he would ensure the coast was clear (of Kitty), and make a beeline from the feline.. It was pretty comical to watch. Sorry Pa. 😛

071015 growoldwithyou-future

I don’t care what others say, I just want to grow old with you.

Despite what my parents thought, I still love them.. I didn’t want to return Kitty to the rescuer, because I felt a special connection with him. So I quietly endured my parents’ scoldings; hoping and praying someday my parents will accept my cat.

Days turned to weeks… weeks turned to months..

My parents eventually got to know my cat, and they realized the myths aren’t true..(Although my father still get a little nervous on Friday the 13th). My parents love Kitty and they see him as part of the family.

On hindsight, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to do what I’ve done- it was very selfish and inconsiderate.. it was understandable why my parents were upset. Things could have turn out much worse, and I’m glad it didn’t. I’m extremely relieved and thankful for this outcome; all the hardships and heartaches are worth it.

Even though Kitty is just a cat, he is a blessing in my life. Together, I want to fill up the future pages of Life with him.

For a better tomorrow..

I didn't like school, as a kid.. The long hours of sitting and learning was a bore.

I didn’t like school, as a kid.. The long hours of sitting and learning was a bore.

As children, we were once curious about the outdoors and new things.

We loved to play. There was an inexhaustible amount of energy in us.

But as we grew up, we were no longer the way we were.. I guess our school systems is partly responsible for this change.

Learning should be fun.. I wished the school system I attended was different. Instead of confining children to learning in classrooms, lessons could be conducted outside.

Ecology (or science) in the great outdoors, maths at a supermarket (why not?) or speech and drama role plays for english.. and lots of fun activities and sports too!

I hope when my children go to school, a better school system would be available for them. It would be difficult to see them go through what I experienced.

Turkish tea cup..

The haze cleared since Wednesday. Hurray!

During bedtime last night, I had a great plan to head outside to explore.

Then this afternoon, I went out for lunch. The sun was out and the heat was unbearable. (33c/ 91F) As I was walking home, I felt like a piece of steak on a sizzling grill.. It was enough to change my mind on going out again.

Since going out isn’t an option, I peeked into Momma’s cabinet for ideas.

There was a turkish tea-cup and saucer, waiting to be discovered! After giving it a rinse, I held it against the window to see the colorful design.

Colorful patterns on the saucer.

Colorful patterns on the saucer.

The vibrant colors against the saucer’s silhouette created a striking contrast.

Look at the flower patterns.. It's too pretty to be used for tea! :)

Look at the flower patterns.. It’s too pretty to be used for tea! 🙂

Coffee, tea or me?

Coffee, tea or me?

“Where did Momma bought this cup and what is the story behind it?” I asked myself.

I wondered and wondered, but there were no answers.

Home is..

Lint rolling time

Home is..

.. where my lovely cat also stays.

A place where I can unwind in my “not-so-glamorous” sweats, without feeling undressed.

May it be in the comfort of my warm bed, in the middle of a hot shower, or on the leather couch in the living room..

Home is one of the best places on earth!

5 things that make a home- my cat, sweats, a comfortable bed, hot shower and a nice couch/sofa.:)

The day I found out I had ADD…

Seeing the journey I traveled, from someone else's perspective.

Seeing the journey I traveled, from someone else’s perspective.

A few days ago, someone (shan’t say who, cos I’m not sure if the person wants to be known) said I might have ADD. Huh, AD-what? When I heard that, I was shocked and defended myself.. I wasn’t sure what ADD was, but I was dead sure I didn’t have a problem or disorder.

Today, while I was taking a break in between work, my curiosity led me to google ADD. I told myself to keep an open mind when reading this information. People tend to misdiagnose or exaggerate their conditions, especially when they read stuff from the internet. I was determined not to let myself be one of those people.

Then the shocker came, as I was reading this.

My pulse started racing.. I had 80 to 90% of the described symptoms; a few of the symptoms which I’ve managed to overcome (by the difficult way) and the rest which are still a challenge to me.

Damn.. Damn!

I was speechless.. Even though I was seated on a chair, the muscles on my legs felt tense. Still in disbelief, I read further-ADD in children. My heart sank while reading the part on Symptoms of Inattention in Children.

I identified most of the symptoms under Inattention, a few symptoms for hyperactivity and impulsivity. As I recalled the struggles I met in my schooling years, I felt sad.. I always thought I was a problem. If only there was help and a support system for ADD kids, school wouldn’t have been such a torture.

To gather different references, I went on reading other websites; the information on ADD was the same. Although I’m not diagnosed by a doctor/health professional, I’m quite certain on the outcome. (Btw, I’m not one of those people who rejoices upon hearing their new diagnoses).

The articles I read have brought tremendous relief to my heart. Now that I have the understanding of ADD challenges, I can make real changes in my life. It’s time for me to let go of the emotional guilt and start afresh.

Dear Reader, before you make a conclusion on ADD, I hope you can take 5 mins to read this article. Even though ADD is called Attention Deficit Disorder, it is not a mental illness or a disability… Think of it as a genetic variation.

Life isn’t perfect, but we do the best we can.

Not those tiles!

If Cinderella cleaned my parent's bathroom, would she be able to clean it without breaking into song and dance?

If Cinderella cleaned my parent’s bathroom, would she be able to clean it without breaking into song and dance?

Washing the dishes

Vacuuming and mopping the floor

Doing the laundry

Dusting the surfaces

I’m fine with almost everything, except..

Scrubbing the entire bathroom!!

When I was a kid, my mother made me and my sisters clean the bathroom.. Every week, we would take turns to scrub it clean.

We had to scrub the mosaic wall tiles, floor tiles, basin and toilet. Although the bathroom was small, it took me 1.5 hours to finish my chore.

My weapon of choice... Coconut husk brushes! When you hold it, it feels like you are using a porcupine to wash those tiles. Not a user friendly tool, I'll say. Picture from the internet.

My weapon of choice… Coconut husk brushes!
When you hold it, it feels like you are using a porcupine to wash those tiles. Not a user friendly tool, I’ll say.
Picture from the internet.

It was time-consuming (and very painful!) to clean the wall and floor tiles, because the grout traps mold.

Doing menial tasks isn’t fun.. It makes it worse when you’re forced to do it.

I hated mosaic tiles and coconut husk brushes ever since.

Is election coming?

Sometimes, Blueberry and I discuss the current issues in the country.

I find politics an interesting topic, but I can never be a politician.

Even when the salary of the Singapore Prime Minister is the highest paid in the world (Sdg $2.2 million dollars after a wage reduction!), I wouldn’t never pursue a political career.

The role of the PM is too daunting for me.

Sorry lah, Daily prompt.. I don’t think I would run for PM of the net. Blueberry would be a better candidate. 🙂

Is elections coming? Time to not fool around. Picture from Angmodan.com

Is elections coming? Time to not fool around.
Picture from Angmodan.com

I been hearing rumors that the local elections are coming! Wonder if they are true.. Hmm.

Journey through Hell..

Feet don't fail me now, bring me to the finish line..

Feet don’t fail me now, bring me to the finish line..

Ps: This is not one of those uplifting posts.. If you’re not in the mood for sad stories, please don’t go ahead.

Last year was the worst year of my life.

My year started with me being jobless.. It took me 3 months before I could secure a job.

During the 3 months, things were not well with my mother. I had a big fight with her, because of my cat (I had no choice to adopted my cat early, due to a pressing issue.. shan’t go into that today).. My mother hated cats and would do anything to get rid of it.

My in-laws weren’t pleased with me being unemployed.

When one is out of job, people tend to assume the non-working person has nothing to do all day. I naturally became the “person-of-choice” to bring my mother-in-law for all her medical appointments. Though I was glad to help, it bothered me alittle when I was expected to accommodate to my mother-in-law’s schedule.

Despite the multiple doctors appointments, her condition worsen.. the frequencies of the clinic visits increased, so did the hospitalizations too. In mid June, she passed away in the comfort of her home.

Everyone was deeply saddened. My father-in-law was the most devastated by my mother-in-law’s passing.. Worried for his wellbeing, Blueberry and I moved in with my father-in-law.

Around the same time, I left my job.. The place we now live is far from my workplace; commuting to work would take 2.5 hours.

We adapted well to the new environment.. It was a joy staying with my father-in-law. Just as I thought life was starting to improve, my beloved family pet was diagnosed with cancer- oral melanoma.

Several times in a week, I traveled back and forth to visit Doggie. Despite all the efforts my family and I had put in, Doggie deteriorated quickly. He passed at the end of Nov.. 7 weeks, after his first diagnosis.

There was a constant deep sadness in me, throughout my journey in 2014..

After my mother-in-law and Doggie passed, pieces of me died. I’m still trying to recover from the events.. the sight of hospital wards, vet clinics and hospitals supplies makes me shudder.

Although the past is over, I still feel a lingering sense of melancholy..

Raspberry Delight-O


Earlier this evening, I went to google “food named after people”.. and was quite surprised to find a list (in alphabetical order) in Wikipedia.

It was full of notable people.. Royalties, religious people, celebrities..etc. The list was so long, I stopped reading at C.

If there is a food named after me, I hope I have done something right with my life.. 🙂

☂ ☂ ☂ ☂ ☂ ☂ ☂ ☂ ☂

What kind of food would be named after me?

Definitely not a savoury dish, cos they sound strange.. such as, Raspberry de pizza.. Raspberry o’burger.. Cream of Raspberry? That’s so weird!! Haaahaa..

An ice-cream dessert would be a fine idea.. Since I’m feeling creative, let me dream of a dessert in honour of myself.

Raspberry Delight-O (Delightfully Orgasmically good lor.. abuden?)

Scoops of Raspberry ripple

Strawberry sauce

Whipped cream roses

Diced fruits.. mango, kiwi, strawberries, nata-de-coco..

How to cook: Put the above ingredients together.. The exact portions of the above doesn’t matter, as long you’re happy with the amounts!

Garnish: Cherries… and cocktail umbrellas (for that tropical feel..lol).

Verdict: It might look strange, but I think it will taste nice.. 😀

Through Blueberry’s eyes..

Sometimes, we are our worst critics..

From time to time, I unconsciously berate myself of all the mistakes I’ve done.. and all the weakness I have.

Blueberry often tells me I rip myself into pieces, before anyone can do it.. I guess there is some truth to it and I’m trying to change that.

He encourages me.. and he always say positive things about myself.

.. If only I can see myself through his eyes.

If I need someone to be my biographer.. Who I choose?

Even with the best writers, journalists or bloggers (sorry, no offense!)at my disposal.. I would choose Blueberry.

Ps: Sorry for the lack of posts.. I’m feeling melancholy lately.. Trying to bounce back to life.