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Grow old with you..

I was staying with my parents, when I adopted Kitty.

Back then, the rescuers were trying to get Kitty adopted, and I felt the pressure to give him a home.. I wanted to tell my parents I was bringing him home, but I didn’t.. My parent would violently object, if they knew what was coming.

Once my parents found out my secret, they got mad.. My mother went mental(imagine the Incredible Hulk). There were alot of screaming and tension.. They demanded I return Kitty back to the rescuers, but I insisted on keeping him.

My parents are superstitious, and they believe in some health myths too. Here’s some of the reasons why they are against keeping cats as pets.

  1. Cats are dirty, they don’t bathe… I guess it’s true for village cats, but not urban cats.
  2. The fur of cats can cause asthma– they believe asthma happens, when the fur is inhaled.
  3. It’s a BLACK cat! Black is such an unlucky color!
  4. Friday the 13th– my father said when Jesus was crucified, a black cat crossed His path while He was on the way to Calvary.. Hence, it’s cursed to have a black cat cross your path on Friday the 13th. Not sure where my father heard that, I’m quite surprised he actually believe in that story! 😮

One Friday the 13th, my father avoided Kitty. Most of the day, he would stay in his room.. If he needed to go to the kitchen, he would ensure the coast was clear (of Kitty), and make a beeline from the feline.. It was pretty comical to watch. Sorry Pa. 😛

071015 growoldwithyou-future

I don’t care what others say, I just want to grow old with you.

Despite what my parents thought, I still love them.. I didn’t want to return Kitty to the rescuer, because I felt a special connection with him. So I quietly endured my parents’ scoldings; hoping and praying someday my parents will accept my cat.

Days turned to weeks… weeks turned to months..

My parents eventually got to know my cat, and they realized the myths aren’t true..(Although my father still get a little nervous on Friday the 13th). My parents love Kitty and they see him as part of the family.

On hindsight, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to do what I’ve done- it was very selfish and inconsiderate.. it was understandable why my parents were upset. Things could have turn out much worse, and I’m glad it didn’t. I’m extremely relieved and thankful for this outcome; all the hardships and heartaches are worth it.

Even though Kitty is just a cat, he is a blessing in my life. Together, I want to fill up the future pages of Life with him.

Kitty’s sweet victory..

Kitty loves to curl up on Blueberry’s blanket.

One evening, Blueberry left his blanket on the side of the bed. Sensing a good opportunity, Kitty leaps unto the bed silently and made his claim on the unattended blanket.

Soon after, he drifted off to sleep.

Far away in dreamland..

Far away in dreamland..

When we saw Kitty, he was fast asleep.. we tried waking him, but he refused to budge. Sigh!

I think our boy scored a sweet victory. 🙂

My first photo contest..

I entered my first photo competition. 😀

The theme is “My Black Beauty” and it’s opened to fur parents of adopted black cats.

Last week, I sent in this picture, but I had doubts about it.. my cat looked angry (he’s actually a sweet boy), because I photographed him while he was napping.

My Fashion Cat

I was hoping for a chance to win (even though I know my skills aren’t professional yet), so I decided to sent in another picture. This was my second entry.


The photos are both very different from each other.. which one do you prefer?

I don’t know what my chances are.. If I win something, I would be very happy and proud of myself- all the participation in the photo challenges have paid off! Well, if I don’t, I guess I have tried my best- I will try again, when there is a contest.

Fingers crossed and hoping for the best. 🙂


Update- 27th Oct

Kitty was shortlisted for the photo contest!

Unfortunately, (unknown to us) part of the contest requires him to be present for judging.. Kitty doesn’t cope well with crowds, so we couldn’t bring him there.

Whether he wins or not, we are still proud furparents of our boy.

If Kitty went to school..

Dear Mummy,

I learnt how to write a letter in school today. Even though I’ve learnt that before, the teachers insist I go through class. I HISS school! There are more important things such as cat-napping, than moronic class activities.

The assignment for today is to write a letter without using all the 26 alphabets.. Poooorrring! Why can’t my assignment be nature watching or catch that red dot? That would have been purrfect, because I’m pretty good spying observing other humans in my territory.

It’s Costume Day next Friday. The teacher told us to wear a costume to school.. Oh my meow. I’ve nothing to wear, except that embarrassing ladybird costume. NO. Do not tell I’m cute in that. Don’t even attempt to convince me to wear that again.



Life is tough for a cat. It should be a bed of catnip and tuna tartrate.

Love and scratches,

Your Baby.

Ps: Don’t attempt to find me. I’m venting my anger on the mynahs and sparrows.

Pss: After such a difficult day, I expect double portion of wet food for dinner.

Psss: I wrote this letter effortlessly (without J, K, Q and Z). Obviously school is waste of my purrcious time. Nope. Not doing it anymore.

To my One and Only..

Thank you, Kitty..

My Fashion Cat

.. for being my muse, during our “fashion photo shoots”.. and patience when I needed to get the right shots.

You never fail to brighten my day and other people with stories.. Leaving smiles on our faces and making us say “Awww” unconsciously!

You also made those cold nights warm, when you hog decided to share my bed space.

I love you, my one and only Kitty.

Absolute Beauty

“We’ve all heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Do you agree? is all beauty contingent on a subjective point of view?”

I think it does affect our point of view.. especially first impressions.

Last December, Blueberry and I adopted an adorable black kitty.

"Paint me like one of your french girls..."

“Paint me like one of your french girls…”

Before we adopted him, Blueberry and I have been considering getting a cat.. after months of researching, we were almost certain it will be a ragdoll.

The plan was to wait until our new home is ready. 🙂

One night, we saw some cats loitering at the void deck of my parent’s place.

There was an elderly lady feeding the cats.. we went up and chatted with her.

She introduce us to the cats- a white cat with patches of brown.. and a black cat (Kitty!)..

Although I liked black cats, I must admit I wasn’t drawn to Kitty immediately.

He had an old wound on his left bum.. which looked a little unsightly.

Despite his flaws, Kitty was a sweet nature cat.

He quickly warmed up to me and Blueberry.

As time passed, I realized he was such a sweetheart… and we both fell in love with him.

The rest of the story was needless to say.


Stray cats are equally lovable as pedigree breeds.

The amount of joy they can give you is priceless. 🙂

Through this experience, I also discovered unknown to my conscious self, I began the whole search looking for a perfect kitty.

Perfect color… perfect fur… perfect temperament.

Like many first time pet owners, I was on the quest to find the perfect pet. Sigh.

Many experienced pet owners would know this unrealistic expectation usually crashes… and ends up in flames.

It’s unfair to expect our pets to be perfect, when in fact we aren’t perfect ourselves.


Here’s something to share with everyone, before I head off to bed..

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

In Meantime…

Blueberry, Raspberry and Kitty have moved in with Blueberry’s Dad.. some company would be good in the house, especially during this period.

We were worried Dad wouldn’t like cats, but it turns out he’s quite alright with Kitty!

What a joy and relieve to know that. 😀

There is something about that spot.. Kitty seems to like to sit there. I guess someone found his favorite place. Hee.

There is something about that spot.. Kitty seems to like to sit there.
I guess someone found his favorite place. Hee.

Waking up to his intense stare. Kitty was sitting on my  chest, as I'm struggling to wake up. Somehow, it feels strangely nice. :)

Waking up to his intense stare. Kitty was sitting on my chest, as I’m struggling to wake up.
Somehow, it feels strangely nice. 🙂

Bedtime We shifted the kitty tower next to the bed.. cos Kitty wants to be close to me even when he sleeps. #mummysboy

We shifted the kitty tower next to the bed.. cos Kitty wants to be close to me even when he sleeps. #mummysboy

After numerous packing and unpacking.. we are still nowhere near finishing.. .. eek!

I guess this is a pre-warm up for us all, before we get our new place. 😮

It’s one of those pleasant “headaches” I’m glad to have.. #firstworldproblems.

Friday the 13th


Dear Dairy,

Today started off as a strange day..

Other than my humans, I noticed other humans have been avoiding me.

But it didn’t deter me from going up to greet them.

The moment they saw me walking towards them, they ran away as fast as they could.

I wonder why… 😦

Lots of Meow,


Ps: Some catnip will ease my day… where does my Human keeps it?