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Be Thankful Challenge

be thankful challengeA month ago, I received a nomination for Be Thankful Challenge. Thank you for the nomination, Shelley! 🙂

Shelley blogs about her family, parenting and work-life. The posts she writes are heartfelt and personal; tugging one’s heartstrings as you read. Do dropby to visit her blog.

I wanted to post this at the end of December, as it would help me to reflect on the past year. Without further ado, here it is..

For 2015, I’m thankful for these people..

1. Blueberry

My hubby and I started several new chapters in this year.

It was an exciting and trying year for us. New chapters were hectic and intimidating at the same time.. our journey wasn’t all smooth sailing, but it certainly helped us to understand each other better, thus making us a better team.

Blueberry has seen the good, the bad and the ugly part of me. I’m thankful that he accepts and loves me the way I am.. He is my hero. ❤

2. My father-in-law

It’s a plane.. it’s a bird.. no, it’s superman my father-in-law!

My father-in-law was here for us during our challenges. I remembered when the business started, he pitched in to help setup the office. As long as the tasks were within his power, he would do them.. This led me to believe he is a superhero in disguise.

He is also an awesome father to us.. May it be watching tv, going out for dinner or traveling; I enjoy spending time with him.. I’m grateful and thankful for all the times we spent as a family. 🙂

3. Our helper

Our family helper is a blessing to the family.

Our trusted helper ensures the house is cleaned and cooks dinner for us.. Whenever we are away for a holiday, we know Kitty and the house is in good hands.

Kitty loves her too.. Although I’m a tad jealous, I must admit she is Kitty’s second Mummy.

Now, she is part of the family. 2015 wouldn’t be the same, if she wasn’t here with us. 🙂

4. Kitty

My blogging muse by day… blanket thief by night. How much joy and sleepless nights have he gave me! 🙂

I never knew what a clean house was, till the day Kitty came into my life. Now, everything in the house is covered with his fur.. I’ve come to understand why they are called FURniture.

Gone are the days of my relentless pursuit in achieving a spotless home.. I realized it is an unattainable illusion and have made a decision to embrace the state of imperfection. Yes, I’ve been schooled by my cat.

5. The lovely readers from around the world

Thank you for your love shown towards my humble blog.. you gave me a reason to wake up everyday and also to look forward to my next post.

Reading your stories encouraged me to continue with life.. it’s a big relief to know I’m not the only one facing challenges. It also helps me to stay positive and be brave. 🙂

For 2015, I’m thankful for these things..

1. Laughter during hardships.

2. The love that holds Blueberry and me together.

3. Blueberry’s provision for us.

4. The holidays the family took together- Bali and Malaysia.

5. The gospel of grace.

I think this sums up for my year.. I hope 2015 was good to you. 🙂

May the new year be your best year yet! See you in 2016! ❤


I’m thankful to receive a nomination.. to show my gratitude, I’ll reciprocate with a response.

Unfortunately, I won’t be following the rules of further nominating 5 bloggers.. The process of nominating resembles a chain letter (I’m sorry) and I feel conflicted to follow this rule.