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Lost for Words

Have you ever met someone whom makes you feel loved and warm all over? 

.. I wished I could be like them too..

Inspired by their love and kindness, I decided to spread some sunshine or “pay it forward” by doing these things..

  1. Meeting friends for lunch, especially when they need lunch company.
  2. Make people (service staff, friends, family) laugh by cracking jokes.
  3. Lending a listening ear to someone when they need to talk.

So far the journey  has been fine..

I’m able to do #1 and #2… but I’m having trouble with #3.

One of the main barriers I faced is not being able to encourage or “counsel” someone when they are down.

When a person is feeling blue, besides having a friend to be there for them, he/she would love to hear a word of encouragement.

This is the part where I’m often stuck with… I find myself in a lost for words to say.

… I feel like an idiot in these situations.. I wish I could say something (even if it’s simple) to encourage them.

It’s not that I don’t care for my friends… There is stuff I would like to tell them, but I worry if it would be appropriated to share with them…

The pondering goes on for minutes… but in the end, I just sit there and listen..

I hate this socially awkward side of me… I wish I could make people see positivity in life and feel good about themselves.

Is this normal? Do other people face this barrier too?

I hope to overcome this barrier… I want to be able to say the right words of encouragement to my loved ones and friends, when the situation calls for it..

Is there hope for me?

This post is a prompt from the Daily Prompt: Obstacle course