Where are those flowers?

2 days ago, when I was in Malaysia, I happened to see some Rosy Trumpet Trees in full bloom. As the flowering period lasts for 7 days, I was excited to return home to photograph them.

Today after lunch, I decided to take a walk beyond my neighborhood..

.. I ended up in  Sungei Ulu Pandan Canal.

neighbourhood cannal

Sungei Ulu Pandan Canal. Both sides of the canal is lined with Rosy Trumpet Trees.. during the flowering season, you can see beautiful shades of pink.

Not a single flower in the landscape.. I was disappointed.

Perhaps the weather isn’t conducive for flowering..

.. it’s okie, I’ll wait patiently for the trees to bloom.

Good things come to those who wait.

Watching over me..

I used to blog late at night.

Things changed after we moved in with my Father-in-law.

One evening as I was typing, the wind started howling… the doors creaked.. and I heard footsteps.. The thought of my late mother-in-law dropping in for a “visit” petrified me.. Quickly, I whispered a prayer and went to bed.

Since then, I blogged in the afternoons.. It wasn’t solely because of that incident, it was partly because staying up was disruptive to Kitty’s sleeping patterns- he would only sleep when I’m done, much to our dismay.

In the afternoons, Kitty would be sitting in a corner watching me blog, taking a nap, or secretly plotting to destroy my laptop. 😛

16032016 Witness

At the entrance of the room.. Now you see me, now you don’t.

He is my go to friend, when I’m taking breaks between my stuff. The work colleague that you always hangout with? Yea, Kitty has become that person. 😉

When I’m stuck in a blogging rut, I would paced around the house for ideas. There he would be, watching me silently from the corners of the house.

16032016 Witness02

Hello! From the entrance of another room..

From conception of an idea to completion of a post, Kitty is my witness throughout the process. In many ways, he is my inspiration. 🙂

He is always there watching over me..

.. or is there another?

Ps: Sorry for the absence. I was down with nasty gastroenteritis.. and it took time to get well. Hoping to get back to the routine!

Marriage is tough..

I was the sort that made plans.. and planned on not failing.

No room for mistakes or curve balls.. Even if there was a curve ball thrown at me, I would make that curve ball fly straight..lol. Everything (or at least 90%) on my checklist must be checked. Very stressful, I know.. but that’s the purpose of a plan, no?

On the other hand, Blueberry is my complete opposite. He lives life with minimal planning and goes with the flow (or curves with the ball).. He calls it expectation management, I call it- a disaster.

Our differences drove us mad. We fought.. We made up. Then we fought some more.

Eventually, we got tired of the fighting.. We decided to compromise; find a common ground where we could both work on.

He agreed on better planning and checklists.. and I agreed to detour and curve with the ball, when the need arises.

07032016 Harmony

“Sometimes the most scenic roads in life are the detours you didn’t mean to take.” ― Angela N. Blount

Ever since, things have become better.


Falling in love is easy.

Staying in love requires courage, communication, care, compromise.. and the list goes on. Goodness, marriage is tough!

When the efforts result in love and harmony, everything sown in is worth it.

By the seaside..

05042015 stateofmind-lumut

Our road trip to Malaysia, last year.. This was taken at Lumut; one of our short stopovers.

I love the seaside.

The salty breeze, wind in your hair, and sound of waves crashing.. Standing there and staring into the horizon feels so relaxing.

The stresses of life simply melt away, leaving one a refreshed state of mind.

Craving for ramen…

Last December, I started watching Naruto.

In the anime, Naruto is often seen enjoying bowls of hot, steaming ramen. As I watched him slurp down his food, it made me want to have some too.

Blueberry and I had ramen on Valentine’s Day; I thought my cravings were settled.. I was wrong. As episodes progressed, I started craving for ramen.. again.


One day, I told my friend (her name means “trouble”, so let’s call her Trouble) about my massive cravings, and we decided to go to Ramen Keisuke for lunch.

27022016 seasons ramen

Nothing hits the spot like a good bowl of hot, steaming ramen. Green tea cola and wasabi ginger beer to wash it down.

I’m taking a hiatus from watching Naruto.

That anime has dangerous influences. After watching it, I had cravings for ramen, oden and beer… :O


I blame Naruto for my ramen cravings.

.. I need to get a grip of myself.. or some dango. Hm.

Damn it, Naruto! Stop messing with the state of my mind!


My birthday is 3 days short from Valentine’s Day.

This year, Blueberry and I had a combined celebration on 14-Feb.. HBVD!

We went to Sanpoutei for ramen, then to Sunday Folks for desserts..

Our evening was simple and nice.. It felt refreshing and meaningful to try different things.

Thank you for the lovely evening, Blueberry!

I ❤ you. 🙂


It’s been awhile since we enjoyed good quality ice-cream.

Late one night, Blueberry and I decided to visit the supermarket.

As we were browsing, we saw an emptied (well, almost!) section in the freezer.

01032016 state of mind

There was a Häagen-Dazs promotion (2 for SGD$20); a fantastic deal not to be missed.. I peeked into the freezer and saw 4 tubs of ice-cream left.

To my surprise, there were the flavors I wanted- chocolate salted caramel and royal milk tea!

It felt like we struck gold; I was so ecstatic that I wanted to throw pink confetti everywhere. 🙂


Ps: I’ve tried the chocolate salted caramel.. It taste so delicious!

Smooth, luxurious chocolate with bits of chewy salted caramel.. it’s heaven in a tub. Truly, a winner for chocolate and caramel lovers. ❤

Journey of starting over…

Happy Leap Year, Everyone!

Hope you are leaping with full of joy and love. 🙂

28022016 stateofmind

Sometimes, I feel the journey of life is like gardening. Now, I’m raking the old leaves (and old baggage), weeding and planting new flowers/bushes/trees.. I’m excited to see what future holds.

Last week, I shared on the season of my life..

I’m on the journey of starting over, allowing myself to be healed of old wounds, and letting go of emotional baggage.

It requires courage to settle unpleasant topics. I’m a timid person- instead of taking the bull by it’s horns, I would hibernate and wait for the bull to go away.

Help came for me, when I started watching sermons on gospel of grace.

“.. perfect love drives out fear..”

It set me free from fear and gave me the needed courage to live.. It’s wonderful to have peace in my heart.. my state of mind is hopeful and excited too.

Looking forward to the rest of the year. 🙂