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Homecook dinner..

Shh… I’ve a secret to share.. I got a new job. ūüôā

It’s my second week into the job.. and there is so much to learn!

New systems.. new cultures.. new faces..

Pretty overwhelming at first, but it’s starting to get better.

Everyday after work, I would look forward to dinner with the family.

190416 dinnertime

What’s for dinner? Fried Tua Kwa (extra firm bean curd) in bean sauce. Yummy!

Dinnertime is a time where I can relax and spend time with my loved ones..

.. conversations over delicious dishes and rice.

It is simple, yet satisfying.

Grow old with you..

I was staying with my parents, when I adopted Kitty.

Back then, the rescuers were trying to get Kitty adopted, and I felt the pressure to give him a home.. I wanted to tell¬†my parents I was bringing him home, but I didn’t.. My parent would violently object, if they knew what was coming.

Once my parents found out my secret, they got mad.. My mother went mental(imagine the Incredible Hulk). There were alot of screaming and tension.. They demanded I return Kitty back to the rescuers, but I insisted on keeping him.

My parents are superstitious, and they believe in some health myths too. Here’s some of the reasons why they are against keeping cats as pets.

  1. Cats are dirty, they don’t bathe… I guess it’s true for village¬†cats, but not urban cats.
  2. The fur of cats can cause asthmaРthey believe asthma happens, when the fur is inhaled.
  3. It’s a BLACK cat! Black is such an unlucky color!
  4. Friday the 13th– my father said when Jesus was crucified, a black cat crossed His path while He was on the way to Calvary.. Hence, it’s cursed to have a black cat cross your path on¬†Friday the 13th. Not sure where my father heard that, I’m quite surprised he actually believe in that story! ūüėģ

One Friday the 13th, my father avoided¬†Kitty. Most of the day, he would stay in his room.. If he needed to go to the kitchen, he would ensure¬†the coast was clear (of Kitty), and¬†make a beeline from the feline..¬†It was pretty comical to watch. Sorry Pa. ūüėõ

071015 growoldwithyou-future

I don’t care what others say, I just want to grow old with you.

Despite what my parents thought, I still love them.. I didn’t want to return Kitty to the rescuer, because I felt¬†a special connection with him. So I quietly endured my parents’ scoldings;¬†hoping and praying someday my parents will accept my cat.

Days turned to weeks… weeks turned to months..

My parents eventually got to know my cat, and they realized the myths aren’t true..(Although my father still get a little nervous¬†on Friday the 13th). My parents love Kitty and they see him as part of the family.

On hindsight, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to do what I’ve done- it was very selfish and inconsiderate.. it was understandable why my parents were upset. Things could have turn out much worse, and I’m glad it didn’t.¬†I’m extremely relieved and thankful for this outcome; all the hardships and heartaches are worth it.

Even though Kitty is just a cat, he is a blessing in my life. Together, I want to fill up the future pages of Life with him.

Where are those flowers?

2 days ago, when I was in Malaysia, I happened to see some Rosy Trumpet Trees in full bloom. As the flowering period lasts for 7 days, I was excited to return home to photograph them.

Today after lunch, I decided to take a walk beyond my neighborhood..

.. I ended up in  Sungei Ulu Pandan Canal.

neighbourhood cannal

Sungei Ulu Pandan Canal. Both sides of the canal is lined with Rosy Trumpet Trees.. during the flowering season, you can see beautiful shades of pink.

Not a single flower in the landscape.. I was disappointed.

Perhaps the weather isn’t conducive for flowering..

.. it’s okie, I’ll wait patiently for the trees to bloom.

Good things come to those who wait.

This way to Holland Road..

Everyday, Blueberry and I would head out for lunch.

Our current “favorite destination of the moment” is Ghim Moh Food Market.

To get there, we’ve to cross a¬†pedestrian overpass..¬†A¬†long footbridge¬†across one of the busiest streets in the neighborhood, North Buona Vista Road.

180116 hollandroad02

The view on the pedestrian overpass.. mature trees line the sides of the road.

180116 hollandroad

Turn right to Holland Drive.. Go straight to Holland Road.

A signboard of white alphabets on green background.. perhaps a piece of Holland in Singapore?

I used to think Holland Road was a Dutch settlement in the earlier days.. Then, I found out it was named after an early resident in Singapore, Hugh Holland.

Holland.. What a cool surname to have. ūüôā

Light as air..

It’s Saturday morning.

I peeked out of the bedroom window and saw clear blue skies.

090116 clouds02

A beautiful day; bright and windy. The clouds drifted in the heavens, as the winds blew..

090116 clouds01

Like gigantic pieces of cotton candy, floating effortlessly in the air..  What a dreamy sight!

I wish I could take a bite out of this “cotton candy”..

What would it taste like? ūüėÄ

A visit to Tiong Bahru Air Raid Shelter- Part 2

I managed to escaped from the dungeon and was lucky not to meet the resident who stayed there.

Once outside, there was a great sense of relief.

It was bright and sunny, as compared the dark chambers of the Air Raid Shelter.

The Air Raid Shelter had public housing above. These housing was the earlier flats built by the government. Although I've never stayed in one before, seeing them let me reminisce my childhood. (There were similar flats near my primary school).

The Air Raid Shelter had public housing above.
These housing was the earlier flats built by the government.
Although I’ve never stayed in one before, seeing them let me reminisce my childhood. (There were similar flats near my primary school).

A line of exhibits along the corridor

A line of exhibits along the corridor

No dumping!

No dumping!

Visiting this place gives me chills.

I cannot imagine myself going through wartime.. I’ve been blessed with peacetime¬†in¬†my life and it makes it harder to understand¬†how¬†our ancestors¬†survived the Japan Occupation¬†from 1942 to 1945.

I hope it doesn’t happen, heaven¬†forbid.

Home is..

Lint rolling time

Home is..

.. where my lovely cat also stays.

A place where I can unwind in my “not-so-glamorous” sweats, without feeling undressed.

May it be in the comfort of my warm bed, in the middle of a hot shower, or on the leather couch in the living room..

Home is one of the best places on earth!

5 things that make a home- my cat, sweats, a comfortable bed, hot shower and a nice couch/sofa.:)

A visit to Tiong Bahru Air Raid Shelter- Part 1

 A lingering smell of stale air welcomed us. Without any source of light, it was dark inside. The dim glow from our handphones guided us as we walked.

I was surprised by the size of the place. The air raid shelter covers an area of 1500sqm and was enough to hold about 1600 people inside.

Our guide showed us the different chambers in the shelter.

The air raid shelter was used when the Japanese forces conducted air raids on 8 Dec 1941 Upon hearing the air raid sirens, residents of Tiong Bahru would make their way here.

The air raid shelter was used when the Japanese forces conducted air raids on 8 Dec 1941
Upon hearing the air raid sirens, residents of Tiong Bahru would make their way here.

Even though I was accompanied with a few other visitors (including Blueberry), the place had a creepy feeling to it..

"Reserved for ARP(Air Raid Precaution) Wardens families"..

“Reserved for ARP(Air Raid Precaution) Wardens families”..

Half way through the visit, I started to feel claustrophobic.. the lack of ventilation, darkness and low ceiling made me uncomfortable. I started to inch towards the exit.

inching towards the exit

inching towards the exit

It might seem rude, if I walked out abruptly.. So I stayed and silently said my prayers. As I was trying to stay calm, the guide said..

“Oh btw, there is a resident cockroach that lives here. Be careful guys, he flies..”

OMG!!! EWWW!!!

Cockroaches are gross and flying cockroaches are disgusting! The possibility of seeing a flying cockroach freaked me out.

That was the last straw. I headed to the exit for safely.

Lunch at East Coast

Last Tuesday, we went for lunch at East Coast.


Though we didn’t explore much (we had lunch at the hawker centre), it felt blissful to¬†be on the beach.

The warm salty breeze.. the feeling of sand between my toes.. and the sound of waves crashing.. How wonderful it was!

For once, the tropical weather and humidity didn’t bother me at all. ūüôā