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Back to School..

Few months ago, I decided to do my degree.

It’s a challenge to work full time and study part-time.

Quite often, I find myself asking.. “Where did the time go?”

Sleeping in and watching animae/reality tv are luxuries now.. šŸ™‚

This evening, I’m taking a well deserved break, cos I hadĀ anĀ assessment yesterday.

After assessment, Blueberry and I went to Johor Bahru for shopping.

We had korean barbarque to celebrate.

(I knew I passed, but I wasn’t sure if I did well).

30082016 Postassessment

Bornga, City Square, JB

While waiting for our dinner… The paper place-mats to frame the utensils, making the setting look neat and tidy. Do you like to read the words on the paper places?

Today, the results of the assessment were released.

I got 78/100! :O


It took me awhile to accept the good report. I teared when the reality sank in.

During poly days, skills assessments were my nemesis.. I lost count of the number of times I failed, and had to re-sit for assessments.. In 3 years of school,Ā I only passed 3 assessments.

When I learntĀ there was a module requiring skill assessments, I felt chills down my spine.. Thankfully, a colleague turned friend also enrolled for the program, and her presence encouraged me to press on.

I’m glad to live to see this day.. It’s encouraging to see something positive replace those bad memories. God is good.


Blueberry said I got a B grade.

For lunch, I treated myself to a burger.. cos B is for burger. Hahaha.

After work, I swung by the supermarket and bought a bottle of beer.

.. B is for beer.. and we shall toast to our blessings.

The celebration continues. šŸ™‚



My birthday is 3 days short from Valentine’s Day.

This year, Blueberry and I had a combined celebration on 14-Feb.. HBVD!

We went to Sanpoutei for ramen, then to Sunday Folks for desserts..

Our evening was simple and nice.. It felt refreshing and meaningful to try different things.

Thank you for the lovely evening, Blueberry!

I ā¤ you. šŸ™‚


It’s been awhile since we enjoyed good quality ice-cream.

Late one night, Blueberry and I decided toĀ visit theĀ supermarket.

As we were browsing, we saw an emptied (well, almost!) section in the freezer.

01032016 state of mind

There was a HƤagen-Dazs promotion (2 for SGD$20); a fantastic deal not to be missed.. I peeked into the freezer and saw 4 tubs of ice-cream left.

To my surprise,Ā there were theĀ flavors I wanted- chocolate salted caramel and royal milk tea!

It felt like we struck gold; I was so ecstatic that I wanted to throw pink confetti everywhere. šŸ™‚


Ps: I’ve tried theĀ chocolate salted caramel.. It taste so delicious!

Smooth, luxurious chocolate with bits of chewy salted caramel.. it’s heaven in a tub. Truly, a winner for chocolate and caramel lovers. ā¤

Making a splash..

“Lookout for the water!” someone shouted.

Quickly, I dodged.. Ehm. Actually,Ā IĀ pretended to dodge. šŸ˜›

220116 Art Stage 11

Water Dripping- Splashing… an installation is made from stainless steel. A close look reveals thousands of Chinese characters inscribed unto the surface of the metal. Photo credit: Blueberry

The magnificent installation made quite a splash at Art Stage SG.

It stole theĀ attention from the crowd. Visitors were busy snapping pictures of this beautiful creation. I wanted Blueberry to take a picture of me, so we waited patiently for our turn.

I think it was worth the wait. šŸ™‚

Think good thoughts

The vibrant sparkles caught my attention.

I walked over to see what it was..

220116 Art Stage 24

The lady in gold whispered, ” Think good thoughts.”

When I saw thisĀ sculpture, I was remindedĀ of the quote from Roald Dahl..

“A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts it will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.ā€

Art Stage Singapore- Colorful pieces

After Art Stage Singapore, I spent 2 daysĀ editing the photos I took.

It was an exhausting process. Because of my limitedĀ skills, more effort and time were needed to get things right..Ā At the end of the process, I was completelyĀ drained. The thought of editing more picturesĀ made me scared.

It took a week for me to recuperate from the fatigue. It was a struggle, but I’m pretty happy with theĀ outcome..Ā (The only questionĀ bugging me is-How do professionalsĀ edit theirĀ pictures so quickly with ease?! What is their secret?)


Back to the topic..Ā BesidesĀ cute Hippos, there were other vibrant art pieces I saw..

220116 Art Stage 35

This piece is called Memories.. I think it describes the activity in my head.

220116 Art Stage 13

It doesn’t look much from the front.

220116 Art Stage 14

Viewing from the side, you can see a beautiful mix of colors..

220116 Art Stage 30

Silent breath

220116 Art Stage 19

I like this piece.. emotional and soothing to look at.

220116 Art Stage 49

220116 Art Stage 26

The sun is so pretty..

I believe art is suppose to evoke feelings(hopefully, positive ones), connect peopleĀ andĀ make the world a better place..

May itĀ be a painting, sculpture, design, photograph..Ā (etc), I hope it will make someone’s day better.