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Tiny Plates

When the recent new project at work started, I struggled with the demands of work and studying. It was very stressful.. After the third day of the project, I was worried and asked myself if I had made the right choice to work and study.

On the Friday evening of the first week, Blueberry and I went to Sanpoutei for drinks. Drinking helps me to unwind, especially after a long week at work. (Unfortunately, it’s not helpful if I need to study afterwards.. :p)

We had appetizers (or small plates) with sake.


Tiny plates of appetizers paired with sake. Clockwise from round plate- Bamboo shoot dressed with spicy miso, aburi chashu salad, moro-miso cucumber

I love the food served here.. the ingredients used are fresh, and the flavours of the dishes compliment each other.. I doubt one can ever go wrong with any combinations/orders. 🙂

.. however, there is only one complain I’ve of this place. I wished the food portion of of the small plates could be bigger?? I’m a fast eater, and it’s painful to force myself to slow down when there are delicious food infront of me.. ah, the agony!

I think tiny plates is a more fitting as a name. Lol. 🙂

Despite these tiny plates, Sanpoutei will still be my favorite place in town. ❤

Hello there

Hi there.

I’m still alive..

Haven’t been blogging, cos the past few months were busy.

.. busy working, adjusting and learning. I’ve signed up for part-time studies too.

Work, rest, study, rest… I feel guilty of not spending enough time with my little guy.

20160130_stike a pose

 I’ve been wanting to blog, but haven’t found time to do so.

“Tomorrow,” I said.

Before I knew it, 3 months have passed! Yikes!

Aw man. 😦


Dear Readers,

I hope you’re doing well.. I miss blogging together with everyone, and hope to join everyone on this journey again.

Sending my love from sunny Singapore.


Beyond the construction barriers..

I started Raspberry Daydreams, because I was exploring Life.. well, to put it plainly- I didn’t know what I want in life.

 I knew a list of things I enjoyed and the things I dislike.. with the information in mind, I made plans for 2015- I  wanted take a break, start a family, travel and explore new cafes with Blueberry.

Then shit happened.

Most of the plans didn’t come to pass.. At the end of 2015, I was shattered and couldn’t help to wonder if sharing(my plans on my blog) jinxed my future. It took sometime, before I could let go of my disappointments (and other emotional baggage) and be at peace.

180115 underconstruction-future

I know God has plans for me… but from my perspective, my future seems to be under construction- Danger, Keep out! I don’t know what’s beyond these barriers.. guess I’ve to believe they are good plans.

Anyway, back to the story.. It’s been 2 years since I started this blog, and I still don’t know what I want in life.

I thought I knew,  and I made plans.. but they don’t seem work out.. *puzzled*

Maybe all these planning and goal setting isn’t the way to go.. Perhaps, I should stop what I’ve been doing and just go with the flow.. Is that how life should be?

Even though I can’t predict the future, I can’t help thinking how things would turn out to be. 🙂

“When will I have kids? When will I see the cherry blossoms?”

I guess I won’t know the things (beyond the construction barrier) for now.

Watching over me..

I used to blog late at night.

Things changed after we moved in with my Father-in-law.

One evening as I was typing, the wind started howling… the doors creaked.. and I heard footsteps.. The thought of my late mother-in-law dropping in for a “visit” petrified me.. Quickly, I whispered a prayer and went to bed.

Since then, I blogged in the afternoons.. It wasn’t solely because of that incident, it was partly because staying up was disruptive to Kitty’s sleeping patterns- he would only sleep when I’m done, much to our dismay.

In the afternoons, Kitty would be sitting in a corner watching me blog, taking a nap, or secretly plotting to destroy my laptop. 😛

16032016 Witness

At the entrance of the room.. Now you see me, now you don’t.

He is my go to friend, when I’m taking breaks between my stuff. The work colleague that you always hangout with? Yea, Kitty has become that person. 😉

When I’m stuck in a blogging rut, I would paced around the house for ideas. There he would be, watching me silently from the corners of the house.

16032016 Witness02

Hello! From the entrance of another room..

From conception of an idea to completion of a post, Kitty is my witness throughout the process. In many ways, he is my inspiration. 🙂

He is always there watching over me..

.. or is there another?

Ps: Sorry for the absence. I was down with nasty gastroenteritis.. and it took time to get well. Hoping to get back to the routine!

A season in the kitchen..

When it comes to cooking, I’m not an expert.

I can handle simple dishes (e.g: spaghetti bolognese, basic chinese stir-fies, simple salads)… but complicated dishes are a no-no.

The love for food runs in my husband’s family.. Blueberry loves to cook, my Father-in-law makes good steaks, and my late Mother-in-law was a culinary instructor… As compared to them, my cooking skills are basic.. (much to my Father-in-law’s disappointment).

Not long ago, my Father-in-law gently suggested that I should help with dinner preparation. Since then, I’ve been actively helping in the kitchen.


One of the things I enjoy about cooking is.. the chance to see fresh ingredients. The fresh smell, colors and textures excite my senses.. I couldn’t help to snap some pictures.

Tonight, we are having petai and chinese spinach for dinner!

23022016 cookingseason01

Petai (stink beans) has a pungent smell to it.. They are delicious, when cooked with sambal and prawns.

23022016 cookingseason03

Green leafy vegetable

23022016 cookingseason02

Look at the beautiful spinach leaves! What a lovely shade of green.

I’m glad for this season in the kitchen.

It has given me a new level of appreciation towards fresh ingredients, and a chance to practice my cooking skills.

May it be pan-fry, stir-fry, steaming, or boiling- I’m fine to try. But, oh please, don’t ask me to fry seafood or deep-fry- it’s too scary. I would rather run for my life. 😛

Changes of time..

With time, many things change.

Our character, our beliefs, our physical bodies.

I’ve changed over the last decade.. more melancholy, but not as often depressed.. and noncommittal in my beliefs.

No longer am I the energetic bunny in my twenties.. Now, occasional aches and pains visit me.. and signs of stress is starting to show on my skin.

I’m trying my best to cope with the changes.. Whenever I can, I would meditate on good thoughts, exercise and eat well. My skincare routine has been updated to combat the signs of time..

09022016 Timechanges01

Some Vitamin C to treat the stressed out skin.

09022016 Timechanges02

Sunblock is a must have for nowadays.

It’s a must to use treatment and sunblock.. they are lifesavers!

Fortunately, some things will never change, like our love for cute soft toys..

09022016 Timechanges04

Blueberry’s duckie.. He kept this soft toy since his varsity days.

09022016 Timechanges03

Quack quack!

Even though we have grown up, we will always be kids at heart..

I hope we will stay like this in times to come.

New Year hopes..

In the beginning of the year, Blueberry and I wrote down our hopes on a postcard.

180116 newyearwishes01

New year , new hopes..

180116 newyearwishes00

The postcard is now on my dresser.. Seeing it gives me positivity and strength for my day.

How pretty are the contrasting colors..

.. the dark background makes the gold alphabets pop. 🙂

Dear Readers, I wish you a successful year in reaching your hopes/goals. May your days be fill with joy and love, as you make your way in 2016. Peace!