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Back to School..

Few months ago, I decided to do my degree.

It’s a challenge to work full time and study part-time.

Quite often, I find myself asking.. “Where did the time go?”

Sleeping in and watching animae/reality tv are luxuries now.. 🙂

This evening, I’m taking a well deserved break, cos I had an assessment yesterday.

After assessment, Blueberry and I went to Johor Bahru for shopping.

We had korean barbarque to celebrate.

(I knew I passed, but I wasn’t sure if I did well).

30082016 Postassessment

Bornga, City Square, JB

While waiting for our dinner… The paper place-mats to frame the utensils, making the setting look neat and tidy. Do you like to read the words on the paper places?

Today, the results of the assessment were released.

I got 78/100! :O


It took me awhile to accept the good report. I teared when the reality sank in.

During poly days, skills assessments were my nemesis.. I lost count of the number of times I failed, and had to re-sit for assessments.. In 3 years of school, I only passed 3 assessments.

When I learnt there was a module requiring skill assessments, I felt chills down my spine.. Thankfully, a colleague turned friend also enrolled for the program, and her presence encouraged me to press on.

I’m glad to live to see this day.. It’s encouraging to see something positive replace those bad memories. God is good.


Blueberry said I got a B grade.

For lunch, I treated myself to a burger.. cos B is for burger. Hahaha.

After work, I swung by the supermarket and bought a bottle of beer.

.. B is for beer.. and we shall toast to our blessings.

The celebration continues. 🙂

Journey of starting over…

Happy Leap Year, Everyone!

Hope you are leaping with full of joy and love. 🙂

28022016 stateofmind

Sometimes, I feel the journey of life is like gardening. Now, I’m raking the old leaves (and old baggage), weeding and planting new flowers/bushes/trees.. I’m excited to see what future holds.

Last week, I shared on the season of my life..

I’m on the journey of starting over, allowing myself to be healed of old wounds, and letting go of emotional baggage.

It requires courage to settle unpleasant topics. I’m a timid person- instead of taking the bull by it’s horns, I would hibernate and wait for the bull to go away.

Help came for me, when I started watching sermons on gospel of grace.

“.. perfect love drives out fear..”

It set me free from fear and gave me the needed courage to live.. It’s wonderful to have peace in my heart.. my state of mind is hopeful and excited too.

Looking forward to the rest of the year. 🙂

Reborn. Restart

22022016 Reborn

Signs of lifeforms in my flowerpot.. after umpteen tries to grow herbs, this is the greatest accomplishment I have come so far.

Last year, I took a much needed break from the working world.

It was a combination of bad job fit, toxic work culture and bad management, that made me come to my decision. There wasn’t anyone in particular to blame. Everyone (including myself) contributed to the “perfect storm”.

Although I was no longer suffering from late nights and work related stress, I was still experiencing high amounts of stress. Very often, I found myself frustrated and depressed with my imperfections.

I was full of anger, resentment, and shame towards life. My inner self was consumed with negativity.. Hanging out with toxic company, didn’t help too.


Early this year, while I was in church, I heard my Pastor shared a verse.. “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

It hit me.

If everything had worked out, and it meant putting my life in constant stress, worry, fear.. losing my health, peace and joy. What benefit would it be to me? Definitely, I wouldn’t want that to happen to me.

It also dawned upon me, this break would be meaningless if I neglect my soul.

22022016 Restart

Seedlings sprouting from the dirt.

Since then, I set aside time to read, pray and meditate on bible verses.. They helped me to let go of the unpleasant past and forgive myself and others.

It’s been a more than a month now, and I’m definitely more at peace with everything.

The season of good things is here in my heart- the seedlings of happiness have started to spout! 🙂

Radioactive thoughts

Weeks ago, Blueberry snapped this photo of me.

220116 Art Stage wpc

Art should be fun and relatable. I believe it should make one’s life better by looking at it. Photo credits: Blueberry

This cute art piece reminded me of the thoughts we carry.

The way we think creates good or bad outcomes.

Although it’s near impossible to be completely free of stress and worries, I’m trying to feed on positive stuff than dwell on negativity.

As difficult as it is, at least try.

My first photo contest..

I entered my first photo competition. 😀

The theme is “My Black Beauty” and it’s opened to fur parents of adopted black cats.

Last week, I sent in this picture, but I had doubts about it.. my cat looked angry (he’s actually a sweet boy), because I photographed him while he was napping.

My Fashion Cat

I was hoping for a chance to win (even though I know my skills aren’t professional yet), so I decided to sent in another picture. This was my second entry.


The photos are both very different from each other.. which one do you prefer?

I don’t know what my chances are.. If I win something, I would be very happy and proud of myself- all the participation in the photo challenges have paid off! Well, if I don’t, I guess I have tried my best- I will try again, when there is a contest.

Fingers crossed and hoping for the best. 🙂


Update- 27th Oct

Kitty was shortlisted for the photo contest!

Unfortunately, (unknown to us) part of the contest requires him to be present for judging.. Kitty doesn’t cope well with crowds, so we couldn’t bring him there.

Whether he wins or not, we are still proud furparents of our boy.

A visit to Tiong Bahru Air Raid Shelter- Part 1

 A lingering smell of stale air welcomed us. Without any source of light, it was dark inside. The dim glow from our handphones guided us as we walked.

I was surprised by the size of the place. The air raid shelter covers an area of 1500sqm and was enough to hold about 1600 people inside.

Our guide showed us the different chambers in the shelter.

The air raid shelter was used when the Japanese forces conducted air raids on 8 Dec 1941 Upon hearing the air raid sirens, residents of Tiong Bahru would make their way here.

The air raid shelter was used when the Japanese forces conducted air raids on 8 Dec 1941
Upon hearing the air raid sirens, residents of Tiong Bahru would make their way here.

Even though I was accompanied with a few other visitors (including Blueberry), the place had a creepy feeling to it..

"Reserved for ARP(Air Raid Precaution) Wardens families"..

“Reserved for ARP(Air Raid Precaution) Wardens families”..

Half way through the visit, I started to feel claustrophobic.. the lack of ventilation, darkness and low ceiling made me uncomfortable. I started to inch towards the exit.

inching towards the exit

inching towards the exit

It might seem rude, if I walked out abruptly.. So I stayed and silently said my prayers. As I was trying to stay calm, the guide said..

“Oh btw, there is a resident cockroach that lives here. Be careful guys, he flies..”

OMG!!! EWWW!!!

Cockroaches are gross and flying cockroaches are disgusting! The possibility of seeing a flying cockroach freaked me out.

That was the last straw. I headed to the exit for safely.

Sword and shield..

We live in a fast pace world, where things are ever evolving.

The To-Do list never gets completed.. and the items on the list gets more each day.

Occasionally, it feels like a rollercoaster ride with countless things being hurled at me.. some moments, it feels like I’m a gladiator fighting in arena; trying to save my life.

Instead of wielding a sword and shield, I have my pen and notebook.

My trusty pen and notebook.. my other "brain".

My trusty pen and notebook.. my other “brain”.

With my pen and notebook, lets kick butt and conquer the world!


I have a dream too..

I like tiramisu.

One of the bloggers I follow, has a café called The Tiramisu Hero.

The cafe’s mascot is a cat named Sir Antonio.

"I have a dream," said Sir Antonio.  Picture taken from The Tiramisu Hero

“I have a dream,” said Sir Antonio.
Picture taken from The Tiramisu Hero

A cat as a mascot? That’s soo cute! 😀

Then, I tried drawing Sir Antonio..

I also have a dream..

I also have a dream..

It isn’t 100% perfect, but still a good try. 🙂

Maybe I should visit Tiramisu Hero for some tiramisu soon.

Live life and let life

My cat is more sane than me. Life is beautiful, yet unpredictable. Even though it can get crazy at times, I want to enjoy this ride.

My cat is more sane than me.
Life is beautiful, yet unpredictable. Even though it can get crazy at times, I want to enjoy this ride.

Someone once said, “If you write your obituary and live by it, you will become the person the person who you wish people would remember you for.”

As much as it makes sense to pen down my goals, I think it’s a terrible idea to write my obituary and live by it.

When someone does that, it makes the person concerned about what others think of him/her. We can’t control what others think about us, right?

Having said that, it’s something I need to do for myself- care less of what others think (Argh, it’s difficult, but I have to try).

Life is beautiful, yet unpredictable. Even though it can get crazy at times, I want to enjoy this ride. 🙂

Soup Goddess in Training..

This was the last picture I took.

It was my notepad filled with scribbles..

Scribbling down a new recipe.. Learning how to cook Gordon Ramsay's Watercress Soup.

Scribbling down a new recipe.. Learning how to cook Gordon Ramsay’s Watercress Soup.

About a fortnight ago, Blueberry and I bought an immersion blender.

I’m hoping to use it to whip up some delicious soups. There are several ideas in my mind like pumpkin, pea and broccoli.. Hmm, yummy! 

Armed with the immersion blender, I hope to establish myself as the soup goddess of the household. Heh.

Let’s hope the Watercress Soup will be a success! 😀