Circuit Breaker- Day wat?

Today was supposed to be the end of the Circuit Breaker period. (Circuit Breaker is a partial lockdown). 2 weeks ago, the Prime Minister announced the Circuit Breaker will be extended until 1 June. Essential services will continue to function, but everyone have to telecommute from home.

Things have changed in the recent Covid19 pandemic. Government mandated 5 days medical leave to anyone who has respiratory symptoms.

Yesterday, I went to the GP for flu. The symptoms (running nose, body aches and fatigue) started on 1st May itself. During the clinic session, the doctor said my lungs were clear and he doesn’t think it’s the dreaded Covid19. Even though I’m given 5 days medical leave, there isn’t much difference as I’m working from home.

Work still goes on..

Today, Boss texted me to inform I had to go for Covid19 testing. Apparently, the Infection Control taskforce was worried to know about my symptoms. Knowing my protests would be futile, I complied with the request.

4.20pm- I took a Grab ride to National Centre of Infectious Diseases (NCID). I didn’t want to create fear to my driver, thus I enter the place of destination as the building next to NCID.

4.40pm- After dropping off, I took a 5 min walk to the main entrance of NCID. I was redirected by the staff to go to another part of the building for Covid19 testing.

4.45pm- I reached the designated place for screening. Before I could enter the place, 2 nurses donned in full personal protective equipment (PPE) attended to me. They briefly took my medical history, vitals and temperature (tympanic temperature from both ears). Lastly, I was asked about my exposure to Covid19- my recent travel history and contact history.

I’ve been doing temperature monitoring twice a day for several weeks. It has been normal. However, the stress caused me to have increased body temperature (37.6c) and blood pressure upon checking. :”(

4.50pm- I had to be isolated in a room due to “fever”. While the nurse brought me to my room, I was many classroom desks stationed in the waiting area (1 metre apart). I wondered what they were for..

Then when I reached my room, I saw a desk in the room.

What every desk had...

Every desk had a laminated copy of Covid19 related information. It explains why the patient is here for and what’s needed for this visit. Click to enlarge.

Then I realized it would be safer to social distance patients this way, than asking them to sit in alternate rows of chairs.

1 staff came with my ID tag and GPS tracker. As she help me to wear my tag, she joking mentioned, “In case you run away..” We had a good laugh. 😀

My GPS tracker

My GPS tracker. In case, I decide to run away. Lol.

After this stage, I got really nervous and I didn’t take any more photos. The dreaded procedure was coming.

Shortly after, 2 nurses emerged. They checked my identity and explained the procedure to me. A piece of tissue was placed infront of me.

Then it happened. With a sterile cotton tip, the nurse swabbed my throat first, then my right nostril and lastly the left nostril. The throat didn’t hurt much. But the nostrils were felt horrible AF- it felt as though I had a lump of wasabi was stuck in my nose. After swabbing the first nostril, the stinging pain caused uncontrollable tears. Then I realized the tissue is for my tears- the kind nurse had forseen the shredding of tears. :”(

The doctor came to take my medical history. I was told I had to do a Chest Xray as part of the procedures.

Within mins, I had my X-ray done. I saw something amusing before my X-ray- I had to sign a form stating I’m not pregnant. To minimize contamination, the X-ray guys placed the form in a plastic sleeve. There was jagged hole (in the sleeve) for patients to sign their signatures on the paper. Lol!

Right after X-ray, I was seen by the doctor again. My lungs were clear (thank goodness!) The doctor explained I was low-risk of contacting Covid19, but I had to self isolate until my swab results are out. He suggested if I encounter issues with self isolation, he would admit me into the ward.

The thought of being admitted at this time is scary- I’ve no choice but to make some changes at home. After that, I was discharged with hospitalization leave.

5.25pm- I left and took a cab home.

The entire process took less than an hour. I must say NCID is very organised and efficient in the fight against Covid19. #kudos

The pending results is making me worried- I’ve been checking my results via Health Buddy every hour. Being confined to my room is tough.. and being away from my kid makes it tougher.

Hope there will be good news very soon.. May this madness end.

Stay safe and take care, everyone!

Update: my test results are negative. Yay!

4 thoughts on “Circuit Breaker- Day wat?

    1. Raspberry Post author

      Yes, I’ve a 18month old boy.. my hands were full, thus my blogging journey came to a standstill.
      Hoping to get my groove back 🙏🙏

      1. shelie27

        I’m so happy for you and I’m glad to hear from you too. I hope you get your groove back too. I understand that your hands are full! Congratulations!

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