Porridge for Breakfast

Hello Everyone!

After 2 years, I completed my degree.. and moved to the new place!! *throws confetti*

I realized the last time I blogged was a very long time ago.. like 2 years?! Omg, haha. It’s not easy working full-time and studying part-time.. I thought I could juggle work, studies and blogging, but I was SO wrong. Gawrd, what was I even thinking?

While I wait for graduation (and wonder what I should do next), I thought of blogging/writing. I might do it, but not as frequent as eons ago(since I’ve to work), but it’s nice to do something productive, than staring into blank spaces. 😛


This morning I had cravings for century egg porridge (or congee, if you like it). I had this craving for awhile, so before Blueberry could return from his work trip, I went to Tiong Shian Porridge to satisfy my craving.

The stall was located in a coffeeshop in Chinatown. After Blueberry and I moved to our new place, it takes 10-15 mins to Uber here.

I ordered century egg porridge, braised tofu and ice tea. While waiting for my orders, I noticed the crowd was made up of families and groups of friends. It was nice to see families and friends spending time over breakfast.

My food arrived. After some quick photos and an instrastory post, I dived in.

25032018 Porridge02

Eating alone among the Sunday crowd.

25032018 Porridge01

Century egg porridge, braise tofu and ice tea.


(Blueberry, when you return from your work trip, lets come back for more!)

I love the food here.. my only complain is the cleanliness of the place. The tables and floors are little grimy. The table surface (in the photo above) had grease marks, which I removed to make it presentable.

Despite the cleanliness of the place, I kept returning for the food. I believe it’s also because Tiong Shian Porridge holds many memories for me.

It started when I was studying in school (Polytechnic). I would go there for late night suppers with my friends. When I started my first job, I worked in a general hospital near this porridge stall. My colleagues and I would have lunch/dinner/supper there. Once a while, during my night shift breaktimes, I would take a taxi to this place to buy food. Just imagine the taxi fare (fare +midnight surcharge+ waiting time) for a bowl of comfort ($4.50). -.-

Blueberry and I came here during our courtship. After we got married, we continued our porridge adventures (sometimes with our family). 🙂

I guess this sums up why it’s my favorite place to go for porridge.

25032018 Porridge03

Tiong Shian Porridge

Despite patronizing this place for many years, I’ve not tried everything in the menu. I wonder if I’ll be brave enough to try everything, or would I stick to my familiar favorites?

I guess I’ll only know in time to come. 🙂

That’s all from me.. Have a good weekend, and take care! ❤


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