Beyond the construction barriers..

I started Raspberry Daydreams, because I was exploring Life.. well, to put it plainly- I didn’t know what I want in life.

 I knew a list of things I enjoyed and the things I dislike.. with the information in mind, I made plans for 2015- I  wanted take a break, start a family, travel and explore new cafes with Blueberry.

Then shit happened.

Most of the plans didn’t come to pass.. At the end of 2015, I was shattered and couldn’t help to wonder if sharing(my plans on my blog) jinxed my future. It took sometime, before I could let go of my disappointments (and other emotional baggage) and be at peace.

180115 underconstruction-future

I know God has plans for me… but from my perspective, my future seems to be under construction- Danger, Keep out! I don’t know what’s beyond these barriers.. guess I’ve to believe they are good plans.

Anyway, back to the story.. It’s been 2 years since I started this blog, and I still don’t know what I want in life.

I thought I knew,  and I made plans.. but they don’t seem work out.. *puzzled*

Maybe all these planning and goal setting isn’t the way to go.. Perhaps, I should stop what I’ve been doing and just go with the flow.. Is that how life should be?

Even though I can’t predict the future, I can’t help thinking how things would turn out to be. 🙂

“When will I have kids? When will I see the cherry blossoms?”

I guess I won’t know the things (beyond the construction barrier) for now.

6 thoughts on “Beyond the construction barriers..

  1. mtltechwriter

    The FUTURE happens whether you plan for it or not, and if not, it will happen however, you won’t have any control of the final outcome.
    Your attempt at planning just hit a bump on the road however, don’t give up and instead double down after some review of what worked and what didn’t in your original plan.
    Congratulations on your contribution for this WP theme, and never, ever give up!

  2. vinneve

    I find that everytime, I plan on something some of it didn’t go as planned. So yes sometimes go with the flow depends on the situation. I think it is also best to have a little prayer and ask for guidance. Keep wishing one day it will come true!

    1. Raspberry Post author

      sorry for the v.late reply.. I’ve taken up a new job, trying to adapt to the working routine.. argh.
      I agree, prayer helps! Thanks for dropping by. ❤


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