Watching over me..

I used to blog late at night.

Things changed after we moved in with my Father-in-law.

One evening as I was typing, the wind started howling… the doors creaked.. and I heard footsteps.. The thought of my late mother-in-law dropping in for a “visit” petrified me.. Quickly, I whispered a prayer and went to bed.

Since then, I blogged in the afternoons.. It wasn’t solely because of that incident, it was partly because staying up was disruptive to Kitty’s sleeping patterns- he would only sleep when I’m done, much to our dismay.

In the afternoons, Kitty would be sitting in a corner watching me blog, taking a nap, or secretly plotting to destroy my laptop. 😛

16032016 Witness

At the entrance of the room.. Now you see me, now you don’t.

He is my go to friend, when I’m taking breaks between my stuff. The work colleague that you always hangout with? Yea, Kitty has become that person. 😉

When I’m stuck in a blogging rut, I would paced around the house for ideas. There he would be, watching me silently from the corners of the house.

16032016 Witness02

Hello! From the entrance of another room..

From conception of an idea to completion of a post, Kitty is my witness throughout the process. In many ways, he is my inspiration. 🙂

He is always there watching over me..

.. or is there another?

Ps: Sorry for the absence. I was down with nasty gastroenteritis.. and it took time to get well. Hoping to get back to the routine!


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