Craving for ramen…

Last December, I started watching Naruto.

In the anime, Naruto is often seen enjoying bowls of hot, steaming ramen. As I watched him slurp down his food, it made me want to have some too.

Blueberry and I had ramen on Valentine’s Day; I thought my cravings were settled.. I was wrong. As episodes progressed, I started craving for ramen.. again.


One day, I told my friend (her name means “trouble”, so let’s call her Trouble) about my massive cravings, and we decided to go to Ramen Keisuke for lunch.

27022016 seasons ramen

Nothing hits the spot like a good bowl of hot, steaming ramen. Green tea cola and wasabi ginger beer to wash it down.

I’m taking a hiatus from watching Naruto.

That anime has dangerous influences. After watching it, I had cravings for ramen, oden and beer… :O


I blame Naruto for my ramen cravings.

.. I need to get a grip of myself.. or some dango. Hm.

Damn it, Naruto! Stop messing with the state of my mind!


9 thoughts on “Craving for ramen…

    1. Raspberry Post author

      Omg, really! I must persevere on to finish the series.. *_*
      I so glad I’m not the only one experiencing the cravings. Phew!
      Thanks for dropping by and following on IG! 😀

  1. Hemangini

    oh my gosh!! the Ramen bowl looks so delicious and I bet it tasted yum too… I LOVE NARUTO anime and I salivate every time I watch Naruto eat that wonderful Ramen and many wonderful dishes with his friends… Just want to eat it all. I loved your header picture and the name and now I am more in love with your blog. haha

    Ps. How was the RAMEN?:D

    1. Raspberry Post author

      Hello fellow Naruto Fan! *high fives*
      Omg, tell me about it. Every time I see them eat those delicious food, I’ve to pause the show to find some food… I wish I could dive right through the screen instead. lol!
      Thanks for the encouraging comments! They made my day. Xx 🙂
      Ps: Ramen was AWESOME! I can haz Ichiraku Ramen! (well almost.. 😉 )

      1. Hemangini

        *high five* Naruto fan! haha same pinch, I feel like diving into the screen too but alas… Wish I can eat the Ramen too ❤ My mouth is watering. lol

        Need to eat now. see you

  2. oishii_desu

    I love in the old school translation of some anime they’d change onigiri “rice ball” to “mmmhh these potatoes are delicious” although I’d be like, now I’m craving onigiri


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