Furever in Season

Hi Humans,

Today, I would like to share with you some fashion tips.. These tips will guarantee you to be fashion forward in any season.

1) Wear black

One of the classic colors of all time; it is very important to own black suit or dress. Black is classy and figure flattering, and it makes anyfurrybody look timeless.

It’s also a smart choice of color.. May it be color or black and white photography, you’ll still look purrfect! Your fashion statement will not go unnoticed.

Fads may come and go, but black is furever.

2) Smile

Smile with your lips and with your eyes too.. Most importantly, smile with your heart. 🙂


Did I make your heart melt?

See, a smile never goes out of fashion.

3) Strike a pose

You are dressed in black, and you’ve your best smile.. What’s next?

Update your body language- strike a pose!

23022016 cross your footies

Cross your paws and pose.. you will be ready for the Mamarazzi.

Anyfurrybody can wear a black outfit. Only wearers with the right poses can transform an average clothing into a fashion statement.

Your attitude gives life and personality to the clothes on your body.

Some poses that worked for me are- seating in a box, clawing the scratching post, meditating on the bed.. Keep posing until you find your purrfect pose.

If in doubt, close your eyes and just do it.

20160130_stike a pose

Nofurrbody will say you are a catastrophe.

Hope you enjoyed my fashion tips!

Lots of Meows and Kibbles,


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