Origami Cranes..

220116 Art Stage 51

While I was at Art Stage, I chanced upon these little origami cranes.

220116 Art Stage 50

How tiny and delicate they looked! Each crane was smaller than my foot.. Here’s my best attempt in taking a group shot with them. 🙂

Seeing these sculptures reminded me of a scene in an old Hongkong drama, which I used to watch as a kid.

The supporting actor was in a coma.. Desperate and sick with worry, his girlfriend made a thousand origami cranes, hoping they will waken him from the coma. As she folded the cranes, she would assembled the birds with a string.

By the time she was folding the 999th crane, the hospital room was filled with colorful cranes on strings.. It was such a touching sight. I was hoping to see the supporting actor wake up and reunite with his girlfriend, but unfortunately, it didn’t happen.

The scene got stuck in my head, because there was no happy ending.. As a kid, I always thought good things will happen to good people… and there will always be a happy ending in life. It made me realize shit happens to good people too.

That was a rude awakening.. my first dose of reality.


3 thoughts on “Origami Cranes..

  1. lincahceria5

    Another early dose of reality. When I was a kid, I often read story where the good defeated the bad. As I grow up, I learn that I can’t really find good and bad character. People are mix of good and bad so I don’t know who should defeat who.
    By the way, what is the drama title?

    1. Raspberry Post author

      Hi lincahceria5,
      Sorry for the late reply!
      Sorry.. was too young to remember the title of the show.
      I picked wrong teachings as I was growing up.. and became a judgmental person towards everybody’s character. As there is good and bad in everyone, it was a hair splitting process, and I lost much sleep over it. Now that things have changed, I realized I was so silly… (who am I to judge others?) 😉


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