Changes of time..

With time, many things change.

Our character, our beliefs, our physical bodies.

I’ve changed over the last decade.. more melancholy, but not as often depressed.. and noncommittal in my beliefs.

No longer am I the energetic bunny in my twenties.. Now, occasional aches and pains visit me.. and signs of stress is starting to show on my skin.

I’m trying my best to cope with the changes.. Whenever I can, I would meditate on good thoughts, exercise and eat well. My skincare routine has been updated to combat the signs of time..

09022016 Timechanges01

Some Vitamin C to treat the stressed out skin.

09022016 Timechanges02

Sunblock is a must have for nowadays.

It’s a must to use treatment and sunblock.. they are lifesavers!

Fortunately, some things will never change, like our love for cute soft toys..

09022016 Timechanges04

Blueberry’s duckie.. He kept this soft toy since his varsity days.

09022016 Timechanges03

Quack quack!

Even though we have grown up, we will always be kids at heart..

I hope we will stay like this in times to come.


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