Art Stage Singapore- Colorful pieces

After Art Stage Singapore, I spent 2 days editing the photos I took.

It was an exhausting process. Because of my limited skills, more effort and time were needed to get things right.. At the end of the process, I was completely drained. The thought of editing more pictures made me scared.

It took a week for me to recuperate from the fatigue. It was a struggle, but I’m pretty happy with the outcome.. (The only question bugging me is-How do professionals edit their pictures so quickly with ease?! What is their secret?)


Back to the topic.. Besides cute Hippos, there were other vibrant art pieces I saw..

220116 Art Stage 35

This piece is called Memories.. I think it describes the activity in my head.

220116 Art Stage 13

It doesn’t look much from the front.

220116 Art Stage 14

Viewing from the side, you can see a beautiful mix of colors..

220116 Art Stage 30

Silent breath

220116 Art Stage 19

I like this piece.. emotional and soothing to look at.

220116 Art Stage 49

220116 Art Stage 26

The sun is so pretty..

I believe art is suppose to evoke feelings(hopefully, positive ones), connect people and make the world a better place..

May it be a painting, sculpture, design, photograph.. (etc), I hope it will make someone’s day better.


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