Christmas with the Berries

Christmas time is a period of feasting in this family.

From Christmas eve to Christmas day, we would indulge ourselves with good food..  Quality time over a good meal bonds everyone together.

On Christmas eve, we went to Stew Küche..

It was our first time there.. We were surprised by the number of choices the place offered.. I got excited and went overboard with ordering. (oops!) There was so much to eat; we had to pack the leftovers.

I wanted to go for another beer, but I didn’t.. cos I ate too much! Argh.

As dinner ended, I was worried if I could even stand up and walk.. or suddenly throw up while walking.. Thank goodness, I made it to the car without any mishaps. (How embarrassing if someone had to tow me to the parking lot!)

The next morning (Christmas day), we skipped breakfast and went for lunch.

We had brazilian churrasco… There was so much variety- roasted beef, pork, lamb, chicken.. etc. It was a meat lover’s dream come true! 🙂

It was a very satisfy lunch.. and I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

The year just begun and it’s too early to say this.. I wish the next Christmas with my family will be as meaningful as this one.. I hope. 🙂


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