Roses for our Anniversary..

Today is my wedding anniversary! 😀

Blueberry bought me a trio of roses for our special day.


We usually celebrate with red roses.. but this year I wanted something different, so Blueberry bought these delicate white roses.


These gorgeous roses smelled heavenly.. I’m so happy with this gift. 🙂

My wedding anniversary is two days after Doggie’s death anniversary. When Doggie passed last year, I remembered being a total wreck for days.

I wasn’t in the mood for celebration, but Blueberry pampered me with flowers and a nice meal. It helped to leave the house, after staying in bed for an entire day. Thank you, Blueberry. 🙂

Blueberry started a blog on cooking recently.. I’m glad he taken a step to share recipes of the delicious food he has been feeding me. Spoiler alert: Reading his blog will make you hungry.. not advisable for late night web surfing. 😛 *winks*


Life isn’t perfect, but being with Blueberry makes it wonderful.


1, 2, 3.. How much do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

To my Blueberry: 6 years of laughter, delicious food and silly puns.. I love the time we spent together. Thank you for providing for the family and for taking care of me.
Here’s to another year of experiences, surprises and home cooking adventures. I love you lots! ❤

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