A medley of wildflowers..

When Doggie was still around, we went for walks together. He loved to sniff everything– the grass, wildflowers, shrubs and trees! Our furry pal loved every moment in nature.

Today, while Blueberry and I were walking home from breakfast. We saw  local wildflowers growing by the roadside- the ones Doggie loved to smell.

I decided to bring some home.. Last Sunday was Doggie’s death anniversary, I wanted to write a post in remembrance of my dear friend. ♥

Back at home, the trio were gently towel dried, trimmed and assembled..


I think Doggie would name this trio- Happiness bouquet.

Seeing these flowers made me happy.. they brought back special memories and made me feel warm inside. 🙂

Happy Anniversary, Doggie. The past year was tough and it still hurts. I miss everything about you.
Take care, my sweetheart. Til we meet again.

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