My first photo contest..

I entered my first photo competition. 😀

The theme is “My Black Beauty” and it’s opened to fur parents of adopted black cats.

Last week, I sent in this picture, but I had doubts about it.. my cat looked angry (he’s actually a sweet boy), because I photographed him while he was napping.

My Fashion Cat

I was hoping for a chance to win (even though I know my skills aren’t professional yet), so I decided to sent in another picture. This was my second entry.


The photos are both very different from each other.. which one do you prefer?

I don’t know what my chances are.. If I win something, I would be very happy and proud of myself- all the participation in the photo challenges have paid off! Well, if I don’t, I guess I have tried my best- I will try again, when there is a contest.

Fingers crossed and hoping for the best. 🙂


Update- 27th Oct

Kitty was shortlisted for the photo contest!

Unfortunately, (unknown to us) part of the contest requires him to be present for judging.. Kitty doesn’t cope well with crowds, so we couldn’t bring him there.

Whether he wins or not, we are still proud furparents of our boy.


14 thoughts on “My first photo contest..

      1. theeditorsjournal

        Goo goo eyes lol. And what about the single pleading paw on the side of the leg or lap, ‘please sir, can I ‘ave some more?’ coupled WITH said goo goo eyes, often closely following every morsel you have the nerve to put in your mouth under some false impression that it is YOUR food!
        Oh yes, we THINK we’re in charge! 🙂

  1. theeditorsjournal

    See, I don’t think he looks angry at all. Just languid. The second pic captures his face and personality more because it is close up. But he is a handsome fella either way.

    I haven’t seen you in a while, hope all is well. Pop ever and see my report on ’10 Ways To Increase Your Traffic’ if it tickles your fancy. The Ed.


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