Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

sisterhood of the world awardI’m happy to be nominated for Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. Thank you, Yen for the nomination.

Yen does book reviews often. If you love to read, I recommend  you to check out her lovely blog. ❤

Now, lets go ahead with the list of questions..

Yen’s questions for me:

1. What type of weather do you like?

Rainy weather! A sudden downpour or light drizzle is good break from spiteful tropical heat.. (It’s just too hot and humid here).

I hated rain, when I was a kid; wet weather meant no outdoor activities. But now, rainy afternoons are the perfect opportunities for naps. 😉

2. What is your favourite colour?

Cherry red.. I have a on-off love for black and pink, so lets stick to cherry red.

3. What is your favourite drink?

Hmm.. It’s difficult to pinpoint a favorite; my “favorite drink of the moment” depends on my mood.

To name a few- Beer.. Fiji water.. Shirley temple..

Shirley temple. I like the sweetness from grenadine, slight fizz from the ginger ale, the maraschino cherry.. and the cherry red color! 😀

Side story: When I ordered it for the first time, I remembered the bartender took a long time to make the drink. While waiting, I saw him frantically flipping the recipe book.. (uh oh).. I didn’t think much about it.

A few moments after finishing my drink, I got tipsy.. The inexperienced bartender made me a Dirty Shirley instead.

4. What is your favourite pastime?

Enjoying a good cup of coffee with Blueberry and taking pictures.

I’m trying to pickup reading again, but it’s requires more effort than I expected.. Nonetheless, I will keep trying.

5. What do you find inspiring?

Pretty colors and intricate textures.. nature.. the magical golden hour..  and kindness in people. 🙂

6. Do you have pets?

I’ve a black kitty.. He was adopted on the 22nd Dec 2013.

He is a wonderful blessing to my family.. I love him so much! ❤

7. Do you cook?

Yea, it’s usually simple dishes. I try to whip up something (soup or stir fry) when I feel like it.

Cooking is a helpful skill; I try to practice whenever there is a chance.

8. Coffee or tea?

My day starts with either coffee or tea. When I hangout with Blueberry, it’ll be coffee.

I guess it’s both.. it’s so difficult to choose only one! *sweat*

9. If you could only live on one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

It would be… Raspberry ripple ice-cream!

How my nickname came from...

How my nickname came from…

10. Use 3 words to describe you.

Hmm.. This is a difficult question. I’m still discovering myself, so I can’t really say. Hopefully, someday I would be able to answer that question. 🙂


I’m thankful to receive a nomination.. As time and efforts have been put in to create questions, I’ll reciprocate with a response.

Unfortunately, I won’t be following the rules of further nominating 10 bloggers.. The process of nominating resembles a chain letter (sorry!); I feel conflicted to follow this rule.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Have a good day ahead and stay awesome!

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