The day I found out I had ADD…

Seeing the journey I traveled, from someone else's perspective.

Seeing the journey I traveled, from someone else’s perspective.

A few days ago, someone (shan’t say who, cos I’m not sure if the person wants to be known) said I might have ADD. Huh, AD-what? When I heard that, I was shocked and defended myself.. I wasn’t sure what ADD was, but I was dead sure I didn’t have a problem or disorder.

Today, while I was taking a break in between work, my curiosity led me to google ADD. I told myself to keep an open mind when reading this information. People tend to misdiagnose or exaggerate their conditions, especially when they read stuff from the internet. I was determined not to let myself be one of those people.

Then the shocker came, as I was reading this.

My pulse started racing.. I had 80 to 90% of the described symptoms; a few of the symptoms which I’ve managed to overcome (by the difficult way) and the rest which are still a challenge to me.

Damn.. Damn!

I was speechless.. Even though I was seated on a chair, the muscles on my legs felt tense. Still in disbelief, I read further-ADD in children. My heart sank while reading the part on Symptoms of Inattention in Children.

I identified most of the symptoms under Inattention, a few symptoms for hyperactivity and impulsivity. As I recalled the struggles I met in my schooling years, I felt sad.. I always thought I was a problem. If only there was help and a support system for ADD kids, school wouldn’t have been such a torture.

To gather different references, I went on reading other websites; the information on ADD was the same. Although I’m not diagnosed by a doctor/health professional, I’m quite certain on the outcome. (Btw, I’m not one of those people who rejoices upon hearing their new diagnoses).

The articles I read have brought tremendous relief to my heart. Now that I have the understanding of ADD challenges, I can make real changes in my life. It’s time for me to let go of the emotional guilt and start afresh.

Dear Reader, before you make a conclusion on ADD, I hope you can take 5 mins to read this article. Even though ADD is called Attention Deficit Disorder, it is not a mental illness or a disability… Think of it as a genetic variation.

Life isn’t perfect, but we do the best we can.

5 thoughts on “The day I found out I had ADD…

  1. ladyk1981

    i found your post very interesting. I am a therapist that diagnose and treat adolescents and children with this disorder. It is very complex because it can be caused by so many factors and can be displayed in different forms. It is great that you are able to recognize that you can identify with the symptoms. That is the first step in treatment.

    1. Raspberry Post author

      Hi LadyK,
      I’m following on the recommended self help suggestions. I believe they will help me greatly.. Looking at the state of my symptoms, I think I’m fine without meds.
      Thank you for commenting and connecting. 🙂

    1. Raspberry Post author

      Hello Sarah,
      No worries, it happens. Yes, step by step we will get there! we can do it.*flex muscles*
      Thanks for dropping by and for following.

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