How to keep a Raspberry happy..

I thought about the stuff that puts me in a good or optimal mood for work.. and I realised it takes hella effort to make me happy.

It never crossed my mind that I am this high maintenance, until I started making this list! Without further ado, here’s the list I created..

List of things to keep me going

1) My daily dose of caffeine every morning. I can’t function without tea/coffee!

2) A daily supply of green leafy veggies. Non leafy veggies don’t count! Lol.

Salad for lunch! Getting my daily dose of greens. :)

Salad for lunch!
Getting my daily dose of greens. 🙂

3) Sky juice or green tea throughout the day.

4) Blink eyedrops! Dry eyes give me a headache.

5) A set of skincare and professional haircare products.. It makes me uneasy, when I don’t use them. (Eg: the product finishes while I’m traveling and I’ve to make do with something else.) Maybe it’s the familiarity and comfort these products give that makes me happy. 🙂

6) Make-up.. I’m a zombie disguised as a human actually. Shh.

7) Clean and comfortable undergarments.

8) A good set of stationary.. Life’s too short for scratchy pens and dry highlighters.

9)Work.. not working drives me mad. This also means I can never be a tai tai.

10) Weekly dose of reality tv- Keeping up with the Kardashians. Guilty as charged.. Please don’t judge me!

11) Quality time with Blueberry and Kitty.

It may be a long list, but every effort adds up to my well-being and keeps me sane. I can forgo several luxuries (retail therapy, fine dining.. etc.) during tough times, but these are the essentials I can’t live without.. Having said that, I hope I’m not turning into a diva.. hahaha.

Life is a crazy ride; I try my best to get by. 🙂

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