Raspberry Delight-O


Earlier this evening, I went to google “food named after people”.. and was quite surprised to find a list (in alphabetical order) in Wikipedia.

It was full of notable people.. Royalties, religious people, celebrities..etc. The list was so long, I stopped reading at C.

If there is a food named after me, I hope I have done something right with my life.. 🙂

☂ ☂ ☂ ☂ ☂ ☂ ☂ ☂ ☂

What kind of food would be named after me?

Definitely not a savoury dish, cos they sound strange.. such as, Raspberry de pizza.. Raspberry o’burger.. Cream of Raspberry? That’s so weird!! Haaahaa..

An ice-cream dessert would be a fine idea.. Since I’m feeling creative, let me dream of a dessert in honour of myself.

Raspberry Delight-O (Delightfully Orgasmically good lor.. abuden?)

Scoops of Raspberry ripple

Strawberry sauce

Whipped cream roses

Diced fruits.. mango, kiwi, strawberries, nata-de-coco..

How to cook: Put the above ingredients together.. The exact portions of the above doesn’t matter, as long you’re happy with the amounts!

Garnish: Cherries… and cocktail umbrellas (for that tropical feel..lol).

Verdict: It might look strange, but I think it will taste nice.. 😀

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