Through Blueberry’s eyes..

Sometimes, we are our worst critics..

From time to time, I unconsciously berate myself of all the mistakes I’ve done.. and all the weakness I have.

Blueberry often tells me I rip myself into pieces, before anyone can do it.. I guess there is some truth to it and I’m trying to change that.

He encourages me.. and he always say positive things about myself.

.. If only I can see myself through his eyes.

If I need someone to be my biographer.. Who I choose?

Even with the best writers, journalists or bloggers (sorry, no offense!)at my disposal.. I would choose Blueberry.

Ps: Sorry for the lack of posts.. I’m feeling melancholy lately.. Trying to bounce back to life.


4 thoughts on “Through Blueberry’s eyes..

  1. Shelley

    Hi Raspberry, I’m commenting from my email beautiful picture of you at the beach! I do hope you get to feeling better.

    1. Raspberry Post author

      Hello Shelly,
      Aww.. thanks! 😀
      Slowly and assurely, I hope I will recover eventually. Thank you for your encouragements. 🙂

  2. lilypup

    I had to bounce back recently and I just did it slowly. My readers were really good and encouraging about it. I’m glad you have Blueberry to tell you how special you are. lily

    1. Raspberry Post author

      Hi Lily,
      I just read your blog and I realised how brave and strong you are.. Kudos on pressing on!
      The readers and people online do make a difference in our lives, don’t they? I never expected to find kind and nice people out there in the blogging community. 😮
      Thanks for popping by and for your encouragements. 🙂


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