Tulipmania at Gardens by the Bay

The highly anticipated Tulipmania display is in town.

Held in the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay; a part of the conservatory was transformed into tulips fields.

I was pleasantly surprised with the varieties here.. aren't they pretty?

I was pleasantly surprised with the varieties here.. aren’t they pretty?

I never had a thing for tulips.. the special feelings only developed during the time we prepared for our ceremonial wedding.

Before the wedding, it was my dream to have a soft pink peony bouquet. Unfortunately, peonies weren’t in season.. I was devastated and settled for blush coloured tulips.. The florist created such a breathtaking bouquet, it was better that what we imagined.

Ever since our big day, I’ve been in love with blush and white colored tulips. 🙂

Tulips look so different when they are full bloom!

From a bird’s-eye view, they look like pieces of silk sewn together by nature’s remarkable craftsmanship.

The floral display was spectacular! My mother, sister and I were very impressed and we enjoyed the Tulipmania experience thoroughly.

How I wish we could grow tulips in the hot Singapore weather.

Red, pink, orange, yellow, purple.. Which colour is your favourite?

I think I will never get sick of white tulips. 😉

I think I'm in Heaven..

I think I’m in Heaven..

Seeing these flowers puts a smile on my face.. I’m glad we had a tulip wedding bouquet. 🙂

I wish I could live here.. and didn’t need to leave.

To everyone who made this event a success, thank you for making this such a memorable experience! White tulips are AWESOME 😀


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