A home for the Berries..

Blueberry, Papa-blueberry and me..

Blueberry, Papa-blueberry and me..

We collected the keys to our new place several months ago.

There is still alot of stuff to be done for this place. 😦

Electrical works, plumbing, painting, carpentry.. 

I’m annoyed with the amount of things that needs to be done. If only I’m a contractor with all the skills I need.. Grr!

Once everything is completed, we will need to decorate the place.

Interior decorating skills would be helpful on the long run.. when the decor needs a fresh update, I can do it myself instead of engaging a decorator.

It’s fun decorating the house, especially when it’s your own home. 🙂

If I’ve those money-making skills (kaching kaching), I don’t mind extending my services .. err, I mean lend a helping hand to friends who want to spruce up their place. Heh. 🙂


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