Saying farewell..

Our founding father of modern Singapore has passed on Monday.

On Wednesday morning, his body laid in state at the parliament house. The public was allowed to visit and pay their respects there.

Great masses of people turned up.. As the hours passed, the masses continue to pour in. By noontime, the news reported the queue was 8 hours long! *gasp*

Later in the afternoon, the visiting hours was changed (to 24 hours!) to allowed more people to visit.

I wanted to pay my respects too, but I was worried of the long queue. On Thursday, I left home at 5.15am to beat the crowd.

By 6am, I was standing in a queue.. I think there was easily 200 people waiting in line- school children, teenagers, office workers, elderly.. from all walks of life. We waited for an hour to say goodbye.

Our wait was nothing compared to what Mr Lee Kuan Yew had done for Singapore in his lifetime.. He was a truly remarkable leader. He will be missed by all.


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