Ramen for lunch…

We had ramen at Ippudo yesterday.

The interior decor of the restaurant was modern and hip.. I was intrigued by the playful colours.


Red and white bowls lined the shelves.. Do they remind you of candy stripes?



(I’m feeling under the weather and almost went crazy when I edited the last two pictures. It was impossible to align the edges.. this is the best I could do it).

Shiromaru tamago for lunch.

Shiromaru tamago for lunch.

My lovely bowl of ramen.. It was tasty, only a tad too much msg? Hee.

Guess that’s all everyone.. I’m feeling groggy and going to crash now.



2 thoughts on “Ramen for lunch…

  1. yiribita

    I like your photos here. The first one has some edge, I think. I don’et quite understand you saying you couldn’t align the edges. But in my view you really have succeded. So don’t underestemated your skill.

    1. Raspberry Post author

      Hi Yiribita,
      I was under the weather, while editing the pictures.. everything looks different when one is not the usual self. I blame it on the medicines. Lol.
      Thank you for the kind comments and encouragements. 🙂


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