798 Art Zone in Beijing

Blueberry and I visited 798 Art Zone, when we were in Beijing.

The place is made up of several decommissioned factory buildings, which is now home to many art galleries, cafes and art stores.

While walking through the streets, we saw a tall building next to a T junction.

One side of the building’s wall was covered with colourful graffiti.


It was impressive! I had to stop and admire the artwork. Back in home, vandalism is punishable by law, therefore I don’t get to see big creations like this.

A bronze statue(about the height of 2 men combined) stands tall at the end of the wall.

Blueberry and I took a photo each to compare our perspectives.

Blueberry's take

Blueberry’s take

Mine take

Mine take

I like Blueberry’s photo better, as the statue looked more dimensional to me.

Great job, Baby!


I haven’t blogged about it yet, because it was such an uplifting experience for me and I didn’t want to rush through a post. Visiting this place helped me to further understand industrial design. I mean I love industrial design, but I never quite understood the era where it started..

.. until that memorable visit.


Sigh… I wanna go back!

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