If Kitty went to school..

Dear Mummy,

I learnt how to write a letter in school today. Even though I’ve learnt that before, the teachers insist I go through class. I HISS school! There are more important things such as cat-napping, than moronic class activities.

The assignment for today is to write a letter without using all the 26 alphabets.. Poooorrring! Why can’t my assignment be nature watching or catch that red dot? That would have been purrfect, because I’m pretty good spying observing other humans in my territory.

It’s Costume Day next Friday. The teacher told us to wear a costume to school.. Oh my meow. I’ve nothing to wear, except that embarrassing ladybird costume. NO. Do not tell I’m cute in that. Don’t even attempt to convince me to wear that again.



Life is tough for a cat. It should be a bed of catnip and tuna tartrate.

Love and scratches,

Your Baby.

Ps: Don’t attempt to find me. I’m venting my anger on the mynahs and sparrows.

Pss: After such a difficult day, I expect double portion of wet food for dinner.

Psss: I wrote this letter effortlessly (without J, K, Q and Z). Obviously school is waste of my purrcious time. Nope. Not doing it anymore.


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