Good morning, Saturday.

Saturdays at cool cafes.

Saturdays at cool cafes.

I used to be excited about the weekends.. not that I no longer love weekends; things have changed quite a fair bit, after starting work from home.

Now, working hours are flexible. Once the tasks are completed, my day is finished.

My Boss and I would go shopping, watch a movie or hangout at a café, without waiting for the weekend to arrive.

Unlike my previous jobs, I spend plenty of time with my current Boss. We have breakfast, lunch and dinner together. We share the kitchen, bathroom and the bed too.


It’s Saturday morning again.

Saturday feels like any other day of the week. The only difference is more people at home and in the malls.

Even though things have changed, the Saturday morning routine still remained. Waking up late to have breakfast with the Boss.. Later, the rest of the morning is spent with Kitty.

I’ve been thinking of waking up early for a jog, then breakfast with the Boss.. after that, read a book and “harass” Kitty during my eye breaks. Hm.

Maybe next Saturday I will be able to wake up and do it.

Maybe.. Aiya, I try lah.

Ps: Blueberry is my Boss. 🙂


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