Not the last post..

What if this is my last post?

What would I write?

I pray that day never come.

I remembered my last post on Blogger, before switching to WordPress.

It was a short generic message, thanking the readers and for the many wonderful opportunities I had over the years. Although the message was simple, it was a sad experience and I wish I never have to do it again.

Looking at the past, I’m glad I made that decision.

The WordPress community encourages interaction and blogging no longer feels like a lonely journey. Writing and photography events keeps me challenged too.

 To the WordPress community and the ones who reads this blog,FarewellThank you for reigniting my love for blogging and for changing my life. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Not the last post..

  1. passion through poetry

    Yay, it is nice to feel part of a community, I wish the WordPress staff would realize the community spirit existing amongst the daily bloggers, and grace us with new prompts and maybe a small amount of attention 🙂


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