Getting the keys to our new home..

It’s the weekly free-write today.

Ten minutes.. no more, no less..

Time started: 10:19pm

We received some good news today..

After 2 years of waiting, our flat is finally completed!

 We’ll be collecting the keys to our flat… on Thursday, 6th November at 9am.

I’m so happy! 🙂ID

Now’s the time to look for interior designers (ID)…

I called one for appointment yesterday.

Before meeting up with our ID, Blueberry and I have to list down the ideas we want our future home to be like. We are also planning to make a scrapbook with some of the magazine clippings we like.

The process of jotting down the ideas have started… I started with the bedroom first, because it is the most straight forward for me.

These are the ideas I wrote-

.. monochrome, mirrors, black frames, white flowers, Haus of Gaga.. haa!

Things will develop and change along the way… Let’s see how it goes.

Ps: Not sure if picking a monochrome color scheme is the right thing to do.. Kitty can easily camouflage into the background. Hmm.

Time ended: 10:38pm

Once again, I’ve exceeded my time limit again.. RAWR!

 Dear Daily Prompt, it is impossible to stick to 10mins! 😮

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