I asked Blueberry what is the cause for inequality..

“A person’s value,” he replied.

I took a moment to pondered on it and thought his words makes sense.. Almost immediately, I recalled my unpleasant personal experiences.. Here’s a handful described with hashtags, it isn’t hard to imagine them.

#mygradesisntgoodenough… #uglyduckling #notagraduate… #notrichenough… #nevergoodenough

If only.. my value as a person was respected.

If only.. my value as a person was respected.

Everything boils down to.. undervaluing a person’s true value.

No matter young or old, male or female, everyone has experienced inequality.

If only we make a conscious effort to look beyond the stereotypes and stigmas.. and respect the person for who they are. The world will be a different place; a happier one to live in.

Having said that, I must admit sometimes I make mistakes too.. only to realize what happened much later. Like everyone else, I’m an imperfect human being.. This is something for me to work on.

It’s never too late.. and no effort is never too small. By joining our efforts, we will overcome inequality eventually. 🙂



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