Keep Calm and Plan a Honeymoon..

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Date: 2nd Oct 2014

Time started: 9:25 pm

Topic: Honeymoon planning.

It’s almost a year after we tied the knot. Blueberry and I haven’t gone for our Honeymoon.

There are plans in the pipeline.. it will either November or December. (yes, it’s getting late!)

The destination is yet to be confirmed… We’ve different places in mind… Blueberry wants to go to Tuscany, but I want to go to Provence.

Italy and France are beautiful countries for Honeymoon.. but we are not sure if it’s the best time to visit Europe. I hope I’ll be able to withstand the cold. It’s challenging to adapt to colder climate, especially when I’m accustomed to tropical climates.

Perhaps, we should consider somewhere warmer?

Ps: Winter means.. no lavender fields in the winter. 😦

Time ended: 9:40pm

Shit.. I exceed by 5 mins again..

Keeping it to 10 minutes is tough! #firstworldproblems

4 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Plan a Honeymoon..

  1. loupmojo

    I adore France, but have yet to visit Italy. wherever you decide to go, make the most of it and I look forward to hearing all about the places you see in some future post 😉

    1. Raspberry Post author

      thanks loupmojo, that’s so sweet. 🙂
      Hoping to see the lavender fields.. perhaps, someday I might get see them.
      where did you visit in France? I’ll send you a postcard when I go for Honeymoon.

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