Fiction.. a daydreamer’s choice.

keep-calm-and-read-fictionReading is one of the hobbies I enjoyed, since I was a kid.

Fiction allowed me to exercise my imagination.. it was a free ticket to escape from reality into a fantasy world.

Away I drifted into magical lands, crime scenes and high school romances.. I made friends with the characters in the books too.

It was a daydreamer’s wish come true.

As I grew older, I ventured towards non-fiction.

Self-help, photography, autobiography..

Reading non-fiction was insightful.. it taught me valuable knowledge which can never be learned in school.

.. however, reading all those technical stuff robbed my chance to daydream. 😦

As time goes by, my love for reading gradually dwindled.

Those non-fiction books got chucked aside..

Days turned into months. Months turned into years.. layers of dust had settled on them.

Last month, I decided to rekindle my love for reading again.

It was extremely strenuous trying to cover the basics of photography.. my lids were closing after reading for 10 minutes. Very soon, the poor book suffered same fate as other non-fiction books.. it was tossed aside, waiting to be embalmed by layers of dust.

Then last week, things started to turn around when I discovered an online copy of The Alchemist.

It was refreshing.. a much-needed change from those boring books!!

I was totally engrossed with the plot.. and it was impossible to put the book down.

What a breakthrough! My love for reading is renewed.. hurray

I guess the answer is clear.. Fiction is still my cup of tea. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Fiction.. a daydreamer’s choice.

  1. Ruth Chadwick

    Completely with you! In child rearing I lost my reading mojo and in trying to seek it out again have had some interesting revelations. All of them quite nice.
    And I do believe you’re right: daydreaming is, indeed, a very fine way forward.

    1. Raspberry Post author

      just read your entry on Daydreaming.. this is the best thing I read today, great post.
      I guess as long as the book/article is fun and enjoyable, we’ll always return for more. 😀
      thanks for popping by.. stay cool and keep dreaming!

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