just us

If you had to come up with one question, the answer to which would determine whether or not you could be friends with a person you’ve just met, what would it be? What would the right answer be?

 Can I be honest?

Although I meet people in my life, there is much difficulty in finding a friend..

Friend.. not acquaintance.

I know we live in an imperfect, broken world.. everyone (including myself) is imperfect.

Even though life isn’t perfect, I believe a friendship should be sincere and genuine.

Does anybody believe in that.. or am I alone?

I’m a bad judge when it come to a person’s character.. and to make it worse, I trust people too easily.

After all the heartaches.. I still believe in Friendship.

Am I naive to still believe in that?

If only I could ask this question (to the person I meet), it could have save time and tears..

“Would you be willing to have a sincere and genuine friendship with me, for richer or poorer.. in health and sickness?”

Sigh.. If only I could ask that question in real life.

Out from the daydreams and back to reality.

PS: Wait.. there is one person… Blueberry! 😀 Kitty’s joining the team too.. he doesn’t have a choice, cos he needs me to feed him and clear the litter. It’s okie, I’m fine with that. 🙂


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