10mins of Random Writing

“Today, write about anything — but you must write for exactly ten minutes, no more, no less.”

Today’s Daily Prompt allows us to write freely and randomly for ten mins.

How nice (and daunting).

It’s nice because there is freedom for creativity.. but I feel lost without a sense of direction.

Humans lah.. are so hard to please. Haha.

With the assigned time limit, it feels like I’m taking an exam.. *gulp*

“Everyone, you have ten minutes left. Pleasssse finish you last paragraph..”

Aiyo. Do you still remember that in school?

Since today’s assignment challenge reminds me of school-life, I shall align left for this entry. 🙂

Date: 19-Sep-2014

Time: 3:21pm

Topic: Anything and Everything?

Dear Dairy,

I think I need a hobby.

You know, something I can be good at.. something I can put my mind to it.. something I can also connect with other people.

I thought these hobbies:

Cooking.. baking.. I hate to wash up and I’m allergic to detergent (I’m serious).

Voice lessons.. I’m afraid to be laughed by others.

Photography.. I’m reading some self-help books.. I’m having difficulty keeping my eyes open, fiction is more interesting.

Gardening.. my plants died.. and I gave up on that.

Flower arrangement.. I tried diy and I’m hopeless.. my arrangement looks like someone butchered the flowers.

Cycling.. Blueberry hates the hot weather.. and I need someone to do this activity with me.

Surfing.. Scape-booking.. Shooting.. It’s a freaking expensive sport.

I’m not sure what else I can do.

What else can I do? Help!



Time: 3:35pm

(Ops! Time flies when I’m writing…)

It took me more than ten minutes to type that, because of my slow typing skills.

Do people go for lessons to improve their typing?

Maybe it’s something I can work on.

🙂 🙂 🙂


5 thoughts on “10mins of Random Writing

  1. Senra

    ~Haha are you Malaysian? You used `aiyo`, so I`m just presuming you are hehe 🙂 Well, you could blog or hang out with friends or do yoga or watch movies/series and join fandoms as hobbies 🙂

    1. Raspberry Post author

      Hi Senra!
      You are pretty close! Are you Malaysian?
      I’m Singaporean.. my hubby, Blueberry is Malaysian. 🙂
      I love using aiyo, aiya, leh, heh, hor in daily conversations.. trying to tone down on my blog, cos I worry no one will understand me. Haaa. :p
      Cool ideas, I think I could start watching anime. 😀
      Thanks for popping by!

      1. Senra

        ~Eloo Raspberry 😀 Yup, I’m Malaysian ^^ ‘la’ is my favourite to use in conversations, but the rest sneak their way into my speach as well 🙂 Oooo my fave anime is Death Note! Black Butler isn’t bad too ^w^

  2. Raspberry Post author

    Yay! Malaysia boleh!
    Speaking doesn’t feel the same without lah and leh.. it feels weird, like something is missing. Heehee. 😀
    I heard the rave about Death Note, haven’t see Black Butler. Shall check it out soon! I just started Azumanga Daioh, its a short series and should finish quite fast. 😀

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