Tuesday, 10th Jun 14

We had a scare on Tuesday.

My mother-in-law’s heart rate suddenly increased to a dangerously high level..

.. the doctors were worried she wouldn’t make it, so they informed Blueberry to come to the hospital.

Blueberry and I have never seen this happen before..  and we rushed to the hospital, as fast as we could.

Terribly frightened, we stayed in hospital the whole of Wednesday…

There wasn’t much to eat in the hospital, so Blueberry and I headed out to the nearest hawker center.

What's for lunch? Our chow for Wednesday.. I've never eaten this before. It tastes really good!

What’s for lunch?
Our chow for Wednesday.. I’ve never eaten this before. It tastes really good!

When the doctors reviewed Mum on Thursday, we were glad to hear her condition has stabilized.

What a relief!

Mum, you’re a fighter!

Soon, she was stable enough to be discharged for home. 🙂

Since then, Blueberry and I visited her more frequently.. helping her in any way we could.

The doctors said she has to be on a renal diet for her health.

.. they also mentioned if she is compliant with her diet, she could have another few more months to live.

(There are so many things she can’t eat.. and to make it worse, she has a passion for culinary creations and food.)


It saddens me when I think of that.

It’s a torture to restrict a foodie from eating the food she loves.

We tried giving her small mouthfuls to taste.. and she ended eating the entire portion.. aiyo.

I’m frightened by what happened.. and I don’t want that to happen to her again.

Am I wrong to restrict her of her wants?

.. and by restricting her diet, would it help to improve her health in the next few months?


Several times over the week.. she asked for a grandchild too.

My heart breaks every time I hear her request.

As much as I want.. I wish she would live to see her grandchild.. but she might not have the chance to experience that. 😦

Ps: Please keep my Mum in your prayers.. I love her a lot and hope to see her get better soon. Thanks!


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