Snapshot Stories- Panoramic shots..

I like taking pictures with my iphone.

It’s convenient and easy to use… moreover, my phone is with me most of the time.

When Blueberry bought me the phone, I was fascinated with the panoramic function.

It didn’t take long before I fell in love with panoramic shots.

Seeing the end result of a captured field of view was exciting and fun . 🙂

Unfortunately, the pictures doesn’t seem as impressive once uploaded unto Facebook or social media.

For some reasons, panoramic shots look much better when it’s enlarged..

Perhaps, it’s the little details of the photo.. It’s difficult to see the small elements when the size of the image is too small.

Ps: I resize my pictures to 500 pixels in width… 😦

As I was reading the Daily Prompt, I thought of my forsaken Panoramas Album.

I rarely open this album nowadays.. and I guess it might still be left untouched, if it wasn’t for the prompt.


The first picture was taken at Club Street Social

Blueberry and I went there for brunch, on a lazy Sunday morning.

Club Street Social

Club Street Social

The breakfast menu and coffee were delicious.

Being able to enjoy it with my loved one makes it a blissful meal!

Ps: with such good food, I wished the portions were bigger! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Snapshot Stories- Panoramic shots..

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