Because the Night

Back to work isn’t easy.

I miss the routine of a homemaker terribly..

I miss waking up later, running errands, spending quality time with Kitty and Doggie and staying up late to blog..

Yes, especially staying up late..

The blogging inspirations always comes between 11pm to 1am.

Perhaps, it the reason why I’ve several spelling and grammar mistakes too..

Ops.. please pardon me the mistakes..

There is so much to learn at my new job.

New systems. New job roles. New colleagues.

The thought of Kitty and Doggie at home made me sad.

I miss them so much.

I miss Kitty’s tail brushing against my calves and Doggie’s barking.

.. no hand-phone in the office for now.. until my hand-phone is configured for work.

.. security reasons, they say..

After work, I retrieved my hand-phone.. I almost cried when I saw Kitty and Doggie’s picture in my phone.

I felt so far away from them.

.. If only I could bring them to work..

This post is a prompt from the Daily Post: Because the Night


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