I went for a walk in Serangoon Gardens today..

It was usual, quiet weekday afternoon.

Along the walkway, a handful of people were going about their businesses.. Shopkeepers were mending their businesses; there wasn’t much customers on a weekday..

Half filled public buses rumbled along the roads.. empty taxis slowly hummed pass, searching for passengers..

It was a slow afternoon for businesses..

I was strolling aimlessly.. and I stopped in-front of this shop.

The once famous Sweet Secrets Bakery

The once famous Sweet Secrets

It was an abandoned shop lot, which was home to the island wide famous bakery- Sweet Secrets..

During my teenage years, Sweet Secrets was the best bakery in town.

They had a wide-spread of artisan cakes and pastries.. whenever my friends and I heard so-and-so got their birthday cake from Sweet Secrets, we would be so envious of them.. we couldn’t afford those delicious cakes with our pocket-money.. and it was something our parents would think twice or thrice before buying them.

I remembered telling myself, “It’s alright that I can’t have them now.. One day, I will my fill when I can afford them.”

Unfortunately, that day didn’t come to pass.

The bakery closed before I had the chance to get my hands on their cakes and pastries.

It’s heartbreaking to see a legacy in such a state.

It was once somebody's dream

It was once somebody’s dream

Standing at the glass door, I peeked in…

My heart ached as I observed the run-down shop.

Deep within my heart, I believed this was once someone’s dream.

We often heard about dreams becoming a reality.. but what about those which crashed and burn? Do they still continue to chase after their dreams after a hiatus?

I thought of the owner… I hope he/she is doing well in life now.

This post is a response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

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