Cafe Hopping- Part 2

We went to Toby’s Estate for coffee…


Our table is next to the roasting machine!

Floor length windows allow natural lighting to light up the cafe...

Floor length windows allow lots of natural light in.. giving the place an inviting place to chill.

The cafe has an airy and light vibe….

This is a perfect place for reading… if you need space to mull over some creative thought processes, this is the place to go. 🙂


A cup for you… a cup for me…
Let’s share some love over cups of coffee.

Thank you for the charming time, Toby's Estate..

Thank you for the charming time, Toby’s Estate..


 It was a good day for a walk… Blueberry and I went for a stroll around the neighborhood.

The sun was almost setting… and the lighting was perfect for pictures!

Seizing the moment, we quickly took some pictures together..


Berry + Berry


Two cafe visits in one day… I’m one happy girl!

The lovely dress is a gift from the BFF… so glad I’ve something pretty and new to wear for causal dates. 😉


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